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End Of The World News Burgess

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Minority Report 99 Movie CLIP One More Murder 2002 HD

No doubt the precogshave already seen this. No doubt. lt;igt;You see the dilemma,lt;igt;lt;igt;don't youélt;igt; If you don't kill me,the precogs were wrongand precrime is over. If you do kill me,you go away. But it provesthe system works.The precogs were right. So what are yougonna do nowé What's it worthé

Just one more murder. You'll rot in hellwith a halo, but people willstill believe in precrime. All you have to dois kill me, likethey said you would. Except. You knowyour own future, Which means you canchange it if you want to. You still havea choice, lamar, Like I did. Yes, I have a choice.

And I made it. Forgive me, john. lt;igt; gunshot lt;igt;lt;igt;forgive me.lt;igt; Forgive me, my boy. chattering oh, god! sobbing .

1984 by George Orwell Book Summary and Review Minute Book Report

This is a story about Winston Smith, a middleagedman who lives in Oceania, a collection of countries that form one of the three superpowersin the world. He is stationed in dreary London, workingas a clerk for the Ministry of Truth under Big Brother, the overruling party of Oceania.His job is to update all text, like books, newspapers, speeches, etc., to match whateverthe party deems as correct. Winston, however, is unhappy. He keeps a secretdiary and writes in it frequently, expressing his frustrations with how life is. He takescaution from the Thought Police, a policelike group who use telescreens to view any suspiciousactivity from potential troublemakers.

One day at work, Winston notices a dark hairedwoman named Julia. She's young and beautiful with a hint of mystery. She slips him a secretnote, saying that she loves him. The two meet up and engage in a physical and romantic relationship,of course forbidden by Big Brother and the party since intimacy is only for procreation,if that. With the permission of an antique shop owner,the couple use the shop for their secret meetups. The couple even meet with another one of Winston'scoworkers and talk about The Brotherhood, a secret resistance organization trying todismantle Big Brother. However, it's a setup and Winston and Juliaare taken in for questioning. During the interrogation,

Winston faces his greatest fear: rats. Theyput a cage of rats on his head and he begins to panic. In terror, he declares that he wishesthe punishment be given to Julia instead of him. He is broken. In the end, Winston is a shell of a man, brokenand sheepish, believing what Big Brother tells him, that two plus two equals five. First and foremost, 1984 portrays a dystopiansociety, a society overly controlled by an oligarchical government, where a few powerfulpeople make the rules for all. In essence, it's about power and control.

To do this, Big Brother controls information,more specifically, information about the past. It misinforms its citizens about current events,which is the constant war being fought overseas. Oceania is seemingly at war with one of thesuperpowers and allied with another. However, at a whim, Oceania then aligns itself withits former foe and declares war on its former ally, yet the records are made to show nochange. And to aid in this flip flopping, Big Brothercontrols time. Why is it 1984é It technically isn't. In the story, we learn that the year1984 is seemingly infinite. It's more of a symbolic date rather than a measurement ofa specific time.

But why would a government do thaté Wouldn'tit cause more confusioné Again, it's all about control. By controlling time, there is nopast or memories, but also no future or ambitions. It's a world of the constant present. We are also introduced to four ministrieswithin Oceania that, while different from the branches of government in the WesternWorld, parallel contemporary powers that influence our lives today. The Ministry of Truth canrepresent the media, which provides news, information, and entertainment. The Ministryof Peace can represent the military. The Ministry of Plenty can represent businesses and corporations.And the Ministry of Love can represent culture

conformity or societal pressure to acceptcertain paradigms. It's makes you wonder, quot;Is Big Brother watchingus right nowéquot;.

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