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End Of The World Le Jour De L Apocalypse

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The Day The Earth Stopped Masturbating 2012 Trailer HD

Oh f***! Since he stopped jerking off,he's always on me. I'm scared. Karineé It's been a week sincethe masturbation ban came into effect. To stop peoplegiving in to temptation, the following websiteshave been closed down: Youporn, Redtube,Pornhub, Youjizz.

Youjizz! Yeah,I've got my period! . another arrest. The young man was caughtmasturbating in his own home. He will be tried tomorrowfor crimes against humanity. Mmmm, that looks good! Beat it! I'm sick ofthe sight of you!

Hands on your head! No! I don't give a damn,I'm gonna do it! Put your dick down ! No. Put your dick down. Now ! I've had enough, man. I keep touching my cockwithout even realizing. How many timeswe'd have to jerk off

to killall the guys on Earthé But that wouldmake us monsters! No it would make us gods! Well, that's it! Sears is closing downits catalogue's lingerie section. What a bummer! We might as welljust die like fools now.

That's it! We can screwwho we like now. We won't haveto jerk off anymore, man. What the hellare you doingé No! No! No! No! Stop, stop!.

10 prophties Qui Annoncent lApocalypse dans Quelques mois Quatrime Partie

10 prophecies announcingthe Apocalypse (part 4) That peace and safetyon you all are! As you know it, we areindeed assisting with the concretisation of old prophecies. It was seen in particular thatthe migratory invasion was announced in prophecies of N.Van Rensburg,of Alois Irmaier and MarieJulie Jahenny. Moreover, it was seen that this one had announced the last disastrous harvest in France.

And it was seen that Germany had asked its citizens to make stocks of foodsand of water for several days in order to protect itself from possiblechemical or biological attack who were also announcedin several prophecies. It was also seen that the outbreak of the World War would be an offensive of Iranagainst Saudi Arabia. And as usual, reality joinedprophecies since these last days, Iran publicly disputed the management of holy places of Islam by Saudi Arabia

and called Moslems to punish it. In other words, it encourages a popular revolt who, of course, will never take place. This advertisement is obviously a manipulation, it is a question of making accept the others Moslems that while entering in war the goal of Iran will be to overcome this monarchy of Saoudsthat everyone hates. Thus, so tomorrow Iran goesto war against Saudi Arabia,

the majority of the Moslems will be happy. Actually, all those which followed my last tutorials know the true ones objectives of this war. Firstly, it will beto destroy Islam sunnite. Under pretext of fight againstWahhabisme and the Islamic State, all the MiddleEast will be devastatedby Iranian troops and Shiite militia. We are thus assisting with the destructionof Islam by sectarian groups. I specify nevertheless that the majority Shiites do not aspire

but with living in peace with their sunnites brothers. Then, when troops Shiite will arrive at the accesses of Syria and will constitute consequently a danger to Israel, Western armies will be called in reinforcement, the Mediterranean will be then filled of warships. In short, we are thus witnessinga paradoxical situation where old prophecies which datesometimes of several centuries are being carried out at the moment when I speak to you.

Thus, I announce events to come, and the following week I am almost commenting on them. Time contracts, the events telescope, hardly I finished a tutorial on propheciesthat those start to be concretised. The problem, it is that at the end of the road we find the spectrum of one WW3. Visavis this new and alarming situation I understand perfectly that somecan be frightened and disorientated and that more especially as I am not a merchant of hope.

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