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Top 10 Tutorial Games Where you Die at the End

As magneto once said Magneto: welcome to die Very funny paul Or rather, welcome to watchmojo And today we are counting down top 10 tutorial games where you die at the end Oh my god they killed him! For this list we look at games where the protagonist

spends the credits in the after life Kratos: All I remember is what I have lost. We tried to avoid characters who may be alive according to game sequel And characters whose deaths are questionable We're looking at you Kratos Just a heads up this list is full of superduper spoilers and all around sad feels so, proceed with caution Spoiler Alert

Number 10, L.A. Noire With a game that uses film Noire elements. It's no surprise that everything ends on a sad note We're gathered here to honor Detective Cole Phelps You play as Cole Phelps. A former Marine turned into L.A.P.D. officer AS Phelps, you move through the ranks of the police department that is until you have an affair, ruin your reputation and get demoted What were you thinkingé!

What about our childrené Can you imagine what this has been like for themé Don't worry the final case will surely Redeem your character Except for the part where you die in a violent rush of water Jump Cole, Jump for it! Goodbye. At least you get honored in your funeral Who never lost his faith in the L.A.P.D. and the system. Swine, You belittle his memory.

Number 9, Mass Effect 3 Joker listen we have to go How to piss fans off. A mass effect novella. Everyone knows about the outrage over ending to this trilogy So much so that an extended cut had to be released to make things right The war is over and the Reapers are helping to rebuild. All that aside, the 3 endings of Bioware's grand scifi adventure still end with the death of the lead character Commander Shepard Unless you pick a certain ending and have a high enough EMS rating in the extended cut

Still cannonically speaking, Shepard is donezo but he sure did have a good run on saving the galaxy and all. Tell me another story about the shepard. Its getting late but okay. Number 8, Slender : The 8 pages What are these pagesé why are you collecting themé why are you in the woodsé approximately, none of these question are answered as you pray that your flashlight doesn't die but that's why creepy blank face men in black made sequels righté

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