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End Of The World Clock 2014

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Neckarwestheim and the End of the World Citation Needed 1x06

Today's show is sponsored byMarilyn Manson's Fancy Dancin'. This is the Technical Difficulties.We are playing Citation Needed. I have an almostrandomly selected article from Wikipedia in front of me and these folks can't see it. Every fact they get right is a point and a ding DING, and there's a special prize for particularly good answers which is. Now, sometimes the random article selector comes out with something that I definitely can't use.

Sometimes it comes out with something wonderful. And sometimes it comes out with something like. The Neckarwestheim Nuclear Power Plant. Laughter 'Neck a vest' is when you get a pint of vest and just try and try and down it. Warming! Nekavestnominate!

Actually, I found out what the German for 'neknominate' was, and it's 'Biernominierung'. ALL: Ahhh! Yes! It's got a lovely. Biernominierung. Yeah, it's got that kind of assonance in it that really really sells it. 'Neknominate'. enh. 'Ich Biernominierung Hans!' It still works.

— Yeah.— It still works. Ohh, 'neck vest'. Neckarwestnominate: you have to build a nuclear power plant in your back garden. I was thinking you'd just have to wear a really bad sweater for the next day. Really tight '80s tank top. That kind of thing. Sorry, it just occurs to me that Starfleet spandex uniforms don't really fit all body types. There's just. That's a fair point! You never saw a fat Starfleet captain, did youé

That's what I was thinking. What about Scottyé No, but he didn't wear, like, the first version Next Generation ones, you know, the *really* tight 'you can see their junk' level ones. Oh yeah, they did fit, didn't theyé Can you imagine being a bit of a chunkier fellow in one of themé Just the gut hanging out. I suspect that enough TNG conventions have brought us this image.

'I've split my uniform, sir.' — '.again.'— 'Again.' Sad trombone Are you just improvising a '70s sitcom on board the USS Enterpriseé Carry On Enterprise! Yeah. Oh, actually that would have been really good. Yeah! Carry On Star Trek could actually have been a thing. It's around about the right time.

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