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End Of The World Cinema Egypt

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How World War Z Should Have Ended

How World War Z Should Have Ended *Gasp*(coughing) Nurse! Mmmhmmmé You aint Brad! I need to know what happened. Tell mewhat's going on out there. Oh Lord, we got zombies. Can't you tellé Zombies!é You mean like the walking deadé Mmhmm. Well these don't walk so much as run. or eat human flesh,

but they are zombies! I guess.And they are tearing up the place! At least the zombies are leaving alone everybody sick in these s. We got enough problems to deal with in here! Wait! What do you mean they're leaving sickpeople aloneé What'd you think I meant when I said they're leaving sick people aloneé I need to use the phone. Do phones stillwork hereé Of course they do, baby!

Oh! So people who are sick are notbeing attackedé mhmm. There should be like thousands ofexamples, in America aloneé mhmm. Okay. Thanks Rick! Okay we figured it out. Falsealarm, Gerry. We do not need any more. Soooooo. All right then! All non essential personnel on the chopper to be shipped back home, aaaaaand! Bye bye!

Where's Karl!é How did you get off the helicopteré mmm. That's good cola. (singing)I'm just a lonely Brad Pitt. I'm just a lonely Brad Pittin this hallway. Hey knock it off! That's my song. Sorry. Who said thaté!

How XMen Apocalypse Should Have Ended

Are they going to take you awayé No, of course not, but you're most likely going to die. Whaté! Yep and your mother too. It's going to be really, really sad. But whyé Because they have to do something to make me evil again Hahaha!(whimpering) Nighty night! Sweet dreams, pumpkin.

Hey, who are youé Get out of my rock out room, blue face! No one likes you, stupid. Reallyé This is the best mutant you can come up withé Ummm.I'm gonna flap my wings so fast at you. I mean I need powerful mutants on myside and I have this weird thing where I can only use 4 and the best you can dois Birdman over hereééé Shut up.

Well there is Mystique, who candisguise as literally anyone. And that guy Night Crawler can teleport anywhere Oh and Magneto, who lifted an entirestadium! Or Xavier, who's a telepath. He's like their leader. Oh my gosh! Why aren't we going after any of theméé Just pick one, it doesn't even matter! Leave my father alone! Ahhhh!!!

You shall not arrest! Bet you didn't see that coming. Surprise! Whaté! You were expecting anothertacked on Wolverine cameoé Well this is awkward. You're probablywondering how did I get hereé Well talking heads, that's simple. Time travel. Someone has to save this franchise!

Well, slicey dicey time. You never had a chance to save your family before, but you do now. That's what I've come here to tell you. And youé I'm here because I'm your son. WHATTTé!é! I have a soné That's wonderful! I must tell everyone! Hey, Glasses, I have a son. I have a son!! You have a soné!

I have a son!!I have a son!!! Charles, do you have a sonéNo, Erik, not at this time. Mystique, do you have a sonéUhhh. I have a son!!! You are all my children. Shut up, Apocalypse. It's not always about you. Wait a minute, wait a minute.

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