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End Of The World As We Know It Independence Day

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Honest Trailers Independence Day

VOICEThis July 4th, revisit the movie that made blowing up Americanlandmarks cool. VOICE (CONT'D).until 911. but now, 12 years later, it's apparently cool againé VOICE (CONT'D)Independence Day. VOICE (CONT'D)A film that answered whether we're alone in the universe, by stealingfrom all the other films that answered whether we're alone in theuniverse. Featuring.

VOICE (CONT'D)The premise from War of the Worlds VOICE (CONT'D)The aliens from Alien VOICE (CONT'D)The spaceships from V VOICE (CONT'D)The Dogfights from Star Wars VOICE (CONT'D)The statue of liberty from Planet of the Apes VOICE (CONT'D)(And) the Jeff Goldblum from Jurassic Park

VOICE (CONT'D)To battle against an alien threat, humanity's last hope is this ragtag group of survivors: VOICE (CONT'D)Fighter pilot Steven Hiller, a Fresh Prince of the Air, who sayscool things, even when there's no one around to hear them. VOICE (CONT'D)David Levinson. A Jeff Goldblumlike satellite engineer.

VOICE (CONT'D)And Thomas Whitmore: The best movie president ever. VOICE (CONT'D)Who channels William Shatner. VOICE (CONT'D)Prepare to stand up and cheer as they defeat an advanced alien racewith. VOICE (CONT'D)A sheet. VOICE (CONT'D)MorseCode. VOICE (CONT'D)Punching. VOICE (CONT'D)An Apple Powerbook 5300.

VOICE (CONT'D)And Cousin Eddie. VOICE (CONT'D)Travel back to a time when summer blockbusters were fun anduplifting, not dark Nolany. VOICE (CONT'D)In a movie that will trigger more 90's nostalgia than the front page of Buzzfeed. Featuring: VOICE (CONT'D)R.E.M. CDROMS VOICE (CONT'D)Data!

VOICE (CONT'D)And Fruitopia. VOICE (CONT'D)Witness a film whose message of global unity. VOICE (CONT'D). means only America can save the world. VOICE (CONT'D)And thrill at explosive action that casually murders millions of people. VOICE (CONT'D).But won't hurt this dog. VOICE (CONT'D)So this Independence Day, prepare to once again relive the screenwatching.

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