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End Of The World 2014 Bible

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New World Order Bible Versions Full Movie

I believe the devil wantsto take over the church. I believe the devil wants totake over this church. .one person at a time. We have before us the opportunityto forge for ourselves and for future generations anew world order. Close your window. Go back inside your house. Go back inside right now!I am inside.

We have a real chance atthis new world order,. .an order in which a credibleUnited Nations. .rubber bullets, tasers. .can use its peacekeeping roleto fulfill the promise and vision. .of the U.N.'s founders. After 1989 President Bush said andit's a phrase that I often used myself that we needed anew world order. And instead it looks like wegot a lot of disorder.

It's been a long time coming. Because of what we did on this dayat this defining moment change has come to America. President Obama and BritishPrime Minister Gordon today calling for a new world orderto tackle our global economic crisis. The affirmative task we have nowis to actually create a new world order.

Its task will be to develop anoverall strategy for America in this period when, really, anew world order can be created. It's a great opportunity. You talked about the New WorldOrder defined as you have as being luciferian.Yes. How do you know thaté My investigations led me to look atthe back of the American dollar. And I found these strange seals onthe dollar here. They're Illuminati

seals which was a secretsociety set up in 1776 by a man called Adam Weisshaupt. And on the back of the dollarhere you see the seal on the lefthand side and there's an eyein the triangle. It's the eye of Horus in Egyptian mythology, now calledthe eye of Lucifer or Satan. The two words at the top,quot;ANNUIT COEPTISquot;, stand for quot;Announcing the birth ofquot;, and down at the bottom,quot;NOVUS ORDO SECLORUMquot;.

And that great seal of theUnited States has on it quot;NOVUS ORDO SECLORUMquot;: A New Order. And people should be asking thequestion, quot;What is an Egyptian pyramid doing on the backof an American dollaré What linkup is there betweenAmerica and Egyptéquot; The answer is: none at all exceptin the field of the occult. And thus we see we're dealingwith a luciferian plan and people need to recognize the god ofFreemasonry will lead the world

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