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End Of The World 2012 Prank

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Top 10 Pranks Ending in TRAGEDY

Welcome to Top10Archive! Most pranks backin the day were just harmless good fun between best friends, often ending in embarrassment,perplexity, confusion, or discomfort. Nowadays it seems the pranking community has borderlinedif not entirely passed into harassment and criminal activity which has had some deadlyoutcomes. In this list, we take a look at 10 pranks that ended in tragedy; we'll beomitting any pranks found on YouTube, as almost all of them are fake.10. Posterior Problems Prank Ranking at number 10 on our list due to conflictingreports of Zhang Dajun's death, we nevertheless added this prank due to the implications itcaused to the man's body. Zhang Dajun, a fiftynine

year old chef at a resort restaurant in Zigong,Sichuan Province, China was taken to the on April 20th, 2010, complaining of abdominalpain, dehydration and had a great deal of anal bleeding. Perplexing s, they underwentan exploratory laparotomy, finding a 50centimeter or 20inch Asian swamp eel lodged in his rectum.The eel died, but not before biting its way through his intestines and wreaking havocon Dajun's insides. Through an anonymous source it was discovered that on April 16th, 2010,Dajun had been drinking with friends, and as a prank they intentionally inserted theeel into his anus when he passed out. 9. Stop Sign PrankDerek W. Greenlee, 18, of Circleville, and

Seth R. Stonerock, 19, of Stoutsville boastedin Facebook posts about their most recent prank involving covering a stop sign in plasticwrap and petroleum jelly so it was nearly invisible to motorists. The 2011 posts quicklydisappeared when eightyone year old Jeanne Shea drove past the stop sign and into anothervehicle, seriously injuring herself, while her eightyfive year old sister, Mary Spanglerdied in the crash. Charges were dropped against Greenlee due to lack of evidence to supporta charge of manslaughter, while Stonerock received four years for involuntary manslaughter.8. Big Foot Prank Forty four year old Randy Lee Tenley was killedafter being struck by two vehicles on Highway

93 in Kalispell, Montana. According to Tenley'scompanions, he was on the highway in a Ghillie suit, or full body clothing made to resembleheavy foliage, to incite sightings of Bigfoot, and prank people into believing they had seenthe beast. Authorities report that Tenley was standing in the right hand lane of southHighway 93 when a 15 year old girl hit him, and while another car swerved, a third cardriven by a 17 year old girl ran him over. Investigators believed alcohol was involvedat the time, and confirmed that no dispatchers received calls of a Sasquatch, only the onethat sent emergency crews rushing to the scene. 7. DingDong Ditch PrankA teenager who celebrated his 16th birthday

by playing pranks on his neighborhood in BocaRaton, Florida, was fatally shot by Jay Steven Levin who mistook him for a burglar. MarkAndrew Drewes, a sophomore in high school, was declared dead from a single gunshot woundat Delray Medical Center when Drewes and a friend, who were randomly ringing doorbellsand knocked on doors then running away, chose the wrong house to prank. Forty year old JaySteven Levin, a Palm Beach County businessman who lived alone, told deputies that he wasawoken by a knock on the door, armed himself, then answered the door. At the time Levinbelieved Drew was holding a weapon. Levin eventually pleaded guilty to manslaughterin 2004, and was sentenced to 52 weekends

in jail.6. Retaliation Prank Adrain Broadway, a fifteen year old girl fromLittle Rock, Arkansas was shot in the head when a prank went horribly and tragicallywrong on February 15th, 2014. She was with a group of teenagers who had gone to a houseto do a retaliation prank on another teen who had previously pranked them on Halloween.The teenagers had thrown toilet paper, eggs, and mayonnaise on a car parked at the originalpranksters house, when 48year old Willie Noble came out of the house and opened fire.The driver also suffered injuries to his right arm, but was treated and released from the shortly after. Police charged Noble

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