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End Of The Tour

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The End of the Tour End Scene

When I think of this trip. I see David and me in the front seat of his car. We are both so young. He want's something better then he has. I want precisely what he hasalready. Neither of us knowswhere our lives are going to go. It smells like chewing tobaco. soda. and smoke.

And the conversation is thebest one I ever had. David taught that books existedto stop you from feeling lonley. If I could. I'd say to David that living those days with him Reminded me what life is like. Instead of. being a relief from it. And I'd tell him, that it made me feel much less alone.

The End Of The Tour

Silence Typing On Keyboard Man Sniffles Typing Cell Phone Vibrating Hey. Bob, what's upé lt;igt; Man Hi. Listen.lt;igt; lt;igt; According to an unconfirmed report, David Wallace is dead.lt;igt;

Whaté No.No, no, no. No, It must be some sortof a college prankor something. lt;igt;Well, I thought if anybody knewwhether it was true or not,it'd be you.lt;igt; lt;igt; NPR Announcer Now a remembrance of writerDavid Foster Wallace.lt;igt; lt;igt;He was found dead,an apparent suicide,on Friday night.lt;igt; lt;igt;Wallace's novel,lt;igt;Infinite Jest,lt;igt;brought him fame.lt;igt; and a wide audience. Writer David Lipskyhas this appreciation.

Clears Throat quot;To read David Foster Wallacewas to feel your eyelidspulled open. lt;igt;Some writers specializein the 'away from home'experience.lt;igt; lt;igt;They have safaried,eaten across Italy,covered a war.lt;igt; lt;igt;Wallace offeredhis alive self,lt;igt; lt;igt;cutting throughour sleepy aquarium,lt;igt; lt;igt;our standard TV, stores,political campaigns.lt;igt; lt;igt;Writers who can do thislike Salinger and Fitzgeraldlt;igt;

lt;igt;forge an unbreakable bondwith readers.lt;igt; lt;igt;You didn't slip into the bookslooking for a story,information,lt;igt; lt;igt;but for a particularexperiencelt;igt; lt;igt;the sensation,for a certain number of pages,lt;igt; lt;igt;of being David Foster Wallace.quot;lt;igt; lt;igt; Man On Tape If anything, there wasa conscious attempt.lt;igt; lt;igt;to not give overt direction,lt;igt; lt;igt;although, of course,you end up becoming yourself.lt;igt;

lt;igt; Lipsky Did they want youto be a writer or noélt;igt; lt;igt;No. I was gonna beThe big thing,when I was littlelt;igt; lt;igt;I was I was, like,a really serious jock.lt;igt; lt;igt;Reallyélt;igt; lt;igt;Yeah. I playedcitywide football as a kid.lt;igt; lt;igt;I was really big,really strong as a kid.lt;igt; lt;igt;And then for four or five years,I was gonna be, like,a pro tennis player.lt;igt; lt;igt;That was my great dream.lt;igt;

lt;igt;Reading was justthis kind of fun,lt;igt; lt;igt;sort of weird thingthat I did on the side.lt;igt; Tape Rewinding quot;I didn't understand SoHo the warehouses,the old buildings,the cobbled streets. It wasn't the Upper East Side,and it was dirty. I felt marooned. Our mother had taken us offthe track of the nice lifewe'd been on.

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