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End Of The New 52

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If you are in a public space and you hear Hotel California on the radio, that is called getting California rolled Like a sushi roll. Yeah, well, more like rick rolled So, also people don't realise that this is another terminology that we have come up with it's called going full Rubin and that's when Joel Rubin tweets something and then you reply to that tweet and then your reply to that tweet gets more likes than his initial tweet

That's 'cause Joel posts something not funny Ok so Bruce wasn't here this time, but Adams here, Peaks not here, Alright but Bruce can't be here for a very specific reason He can't bear to watch you go Sean this is a very special dedicatedto spoole, memory of spoole, episode of open haus As it's going to be the last episode of open haus that sean poole is in Today's episode is titled good morning, so we aren't going to make any jokes in this one, no jokes Your first question this week comes fromOJwilly, if everyone bought spoole a new hat

what would everyone's hats have on thembe like If i bought spoole a new hat, it would probably have antlers attached to it because he is going back to the wilderness where he is from and i think it would be funny if he wanted to shoot a deer that he had lured in by wearing hishat and hiding behind a bush and then the deer comes up and then he marries the deerand then they have a family together and then when they grow old together thedeer has cancer and he has to put the deer down by putting a bullet in his head

Like old yeller No more like Up. I'd like a hat thathad a little child harness attached to it so he would never leave us but it isthe harness attached to the head, yeah, ok i'm alright with that If i bought spoole a hat, it would have a picture Ray on it, and in beautiful calligraphy text quot;don't settlequot;, it's never settle, oh mine would say quot;don't settlequot; I would get sean a hat, it would be one of those old timey scuba suits that are giant metal and they have like glass

and rivets and stuff because he's goingto be in a maritime area of the country and he's gonna probably gonna need it, and it'll rain, good joke I'd have a beer helmet except it would only fit apple juice boxes, aww that's nice too, you win so far Lawrence Spoole, what new hat do you want most, out of all the hones you've been posted, the one Lawrence just gave me, I love me some juice boxes I got a spoole point Next question from Ellroy Shackleford what are somethings you guys regret doing or not doing in high school, Lawrence and I were talkingabout it this weekend if we had the

knowledge and like self confident thatwe have now how much we can ruin all the people, if you could transfer our brain backinto our young teenage selfs in high school, that's not this question, we can just ruin thelives of, that's not the question, but it's getting to my answer which is that I wish that I couldmanipulate more people I wish that I could have gone like my time there beenmore manipulative and cruel, you wish you were more confident or whatever in high school yeah to be evil, yeah I feel the same way, even who I was when I was 16 I could have run that town which is why I left it wasn't a challenge so yeah I feel like exactly what James is saying I could have

The END of the BMW S1000RRThe Kawasaki Ninja H2R H2

the love affair that I've had withmotorcycles has lasted three decades

and it all started with this but this isnot a real motorcycle this motorcycle featured in my favoriteshow is a child street talk was actually based on the 1983 Honda XL 500 trailbike what my love motorcycles when fromfantasy to reality with a bike just like this one the 1984 CPC 900 are the first motorcycle to bearthe name ninja since then I've been alongstanding Cali fernand they've been many motorcycles that havemade me very very excited I'm going to

twist, WOW! like the Ninja ZX6Rs and the monsters ZX10 and ofcourse when my alltime favorites the 2012 Kawasaki z1000 the motorcycle that made me sing quot;Kawasaki Z1000quot;. There was also the ninja 250 R which is just recently replaced the 300 another amazing bike bike up sake theybrought back this 636

and it came back with a bang then somewhere along the line BMW entered a superbike game with the S1000 RR an amazing motorcycle to be sure verypowerful very technologically advanced motorcycle, Riding with Tom will tell you all about it the motorcycle to dethrone the longtimelegend be hayabusa and the zx10r well S 1000 RR fans

a moment of silence for you your time has come and gone. later this week you're going to see some moreinformation about a new motorcycle and new ninja called the Ninja h2 which based on what we saw in Tokyo it's probably going to be some kind ofsupercharged Ninja well let me how fast would be how heavy will it beé What position inthe Kawasaki lineup will this bike takeé

between the ZX14 and the zx10r and this zx6r where will the H2 goé and might go high enough on the totempole to Dethrown bikes like the S 1000 RR Kawasaki's own zx10r and maybe just maybe by did make to Ducati nervous with their Superleggera boastingover 200 horsepower well I will have more information about this motorycle this motorcycle right here on Carlyle's Picks and YourFastLife

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