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End Of The Line Sfm

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TF2 End of the Line Beta Map Snowplow Gameplay and First Thoughts

Hey everyone my name is AluminAl and this is cp_snowplow a new beta map for team fortress2 as part of the soon to be released End of the line update. Now I doubt I have to explainto any of you what end of the line is, but for anyone that doesn't know ummm. end ofthe line was originally a trailer for an sfm animation created by a user called Mcvee.But,we now know that end of the line will turn into a full update for team fortresstwo along with the release of the completed team fortress 2 short film. It's rumored tobe around like uhhhh. 10 minutes or so. So yeah it's gonna be a long one and it'sgoing to be totally badass. Like, I'll put

a link in the description to the trailer forend of the line for anyone that hasn't seen it, but it's really fucking cool. I mean likethe trailer has it's own rendition of seven nation army so it's fucking great. It's anawesome trailer check it out if you haven't, but this tutorial is mostly to talk about snowplow.Now snowplow is like a payload control point hybrid in which blue team tries to capturepoints in order to advance a train to different locations on the map. The longer blue teamtakes the more logs red team gets to drop on the train and the more damage is done tothe train. Now the game ends when blue team captures three points or red team does enoughdamage to the train to destroy it. Bear in

mind though this is a beta map so you're gonna seea few ya know glitches and exploits. And some that can make your team a tad. uhh. obsessed.yeah let's let's go with that. But while I've been working on this tutorial they already released Snowplow version 2. Which fixed some stuff including the like fenced in area, so engineerscan't build behind there. They even put in like a little tombstone with an engineer box kindato be like. Hey! We know what you did. fuuhhhgejkesrrr QUIT IT! But when the fix something they alwaysruin something too and there used to be a little like train in the supply closet andthey got rid of it! I mean that was like my

favorite part of the map! It was so cute andnon textured and everything. Hopefully it'll be in the final like uhh. version of themap, but if not. rip in piece little engie that could. Anyway uhhh. back to talkingabout like the map and shit. First let me just go ahead and say that I had a lot offun on snowplow both stages are really well done in my opinion, but they're still a littlerough around the edges. I mean the train doesn't have a texture and it was kinda confusingwhat was happening to the train at each point, but really I can't hold that against a mapthat isn't compeltely finished. A bit of advice I will give though is that when a point getscapped you really need to get off the tracks

because that train moves like a fucking bulletand it will kill you. Like I must've died to that thing like 5 times. Like I'm serious.Ya gotta, ya gotta Move bitch, ya gotta get out the way. But ummm. Snowplow can be atad confusing the first time you play it. I mean it's easy to get turned around especiallyfor new players, but simply implementing a few more arrows pointing to sites A, B andC should help that out no problem. The whole train with health thing is a little weirdat first, but in all honesty it's just attack and defend. I mean instead of a timer thetrain just gets damaged, but red team can't speed up the amount of damage done, so basicallythe map is just control points with a demon

train that will kill anyone in it's way oncein a while. Now the thing about that is though it's not really a bad thing, I mean it implimentsa new game mechanic without completely making a new game type, it's a small little changeof pace without like rewriting the formula. But I personally think it'd be interestingif a count down timer was implemented as well as a percentage of health the train had. Likeit'd be like new years eve with the countdown to the ball dropping except with logs andtrains and. ya get the idea. but I mean you know how when you're playing like payloador control point or whatever and your team will just like dick around for a bit untilthere is like a minute left and then everyone

The Red Fury SFM

Alright. So if the Spy's gibberish makes sense the briefcase should be located at the Beers Gears shop. We just bust in, take the briefcase and run out. Guys got ité Mhm. Alrighty then. Alright! Let's clean house fellas.

Make it quick. Any second now. Where is the briefcase!é Oh! That was easy. Alright guys, let's get back to the base. Oh crap. RUUN!

RUN! LET'S GO, LET'S GO! Pyro! Awshucks. You alrighté Nah, it's nothing. Oh crap! Scout!

Scout!é Aw hell, Scout's a goner. Oh no. Not yet. Oh my god! It's a pickle!.

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