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End Of The Line Chords

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Otmar Binder Boogie Woogie Piano Tutorial 7 Connecting Chords A new endingwith PDF

Hello everybody, Otmar Binder, inthis tutorial I'd like to show you two things one is how to connect chords in a twelvebarblues and the other one is a nice new ending. Let's hear it first: So as you can hear it starts in the fourthbar that's the first, here's the second two three four third bar two three four

one two three four one so in the fourth bar it starts on a C7 followed by a D minor 7 then comes the Eb diminished that's how you play it followed by a C7E you can either play this voicing or have the third in the second finger in the right hand

OKé That's the fourth bar, then comes the fifth bar: F sixth bar seven In the eighth bar, before you go to the Gin the 9th bar you have another motion, it goes like this: So it starts on C7 C7E, F, Ab7Gb, G7

and then so in bar 11 and 12 you have a new tempo,it's halftime tempo and a tripletfeeling C7, C7E, followed by F Ab7Gb CG That's a Db7 followed by a C7. The voicing for the Db7 goes like this: Rootnote seven here's the third that's the 6 and here's the 9

and you resolve it to C7. OKé Let me play the whole thing again. If you want you can use the pedal in thatvery ending but make sure that it doesn't interfere with the next chord so each chord should have a entirely newpedal how do you like thaté so that's f g bb here's your chord andthen that's the C7, OKé

Thank you very much for watching and havea great day.

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