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A List of Travel Tips to Make Your Vacation Planning Easier

End Of The Kingdom

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whip sound TOP O THE MORNING TO YA, LADDIES! My name is Jacksepticeye, and welcome back to some more Southern accent Turmoil! I'm the new mayor of this town. We've taken over the entire place. I got my 53% of shares, go fuck yerself everyone else. but all we have is a few pieces of land left, so let's get right into it! normal voice First off, going to Daphne's. ohhh 1.06 for seven G's.

ahhh, quot;Pay me some cash, and I'll reduce next year's interest ratesquot; .Nooo I've never had to borrow!. and I don't want to. NO! Umm I'm going to increase my timer for, um, the spillage because that's the thing that's been dicking me over all this time! People are pointing out as well, like, I should be able to manage the spillage.

I SHOULD be able to. but I'm Club Finger Jack where I just keep holding x to fast forward the game And then when spillage happens, it gets way ahead of me, so. Fuck it! Um, I've already won the game, so what harm is there nowé Uh, I'm going for this piece of land over here. No NO!!

I will bid you guys to the death! We can keep bidding against each other if you want I don't. I don't really care Fuck it! It's some of the last pieces of land,it doesn't really matter. You gonna outbid meé YOU GONNA OUTBID MEé! How much am I biddin'é 4 grand. How much are you biddin'é 12

GET. OFF THIS SHIT! Come on There we go, everybody's happy! 2, 6, 12, and 4. Daisy whyé! Why did ya let it go up to 12! Now I'm down to 19, She's down to 14, she barely has any upgrades.

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