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A List of Travel Tips to Make Your Vacation Planning Easier

End Of The Journey

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Journey to the Edge of the Universe HD english sub Arabic sub

Our world,warm, comfortable, familiar. .but when we look up, we wonder: Do we occupya special place in the cosmosé Or are we merely a celestial footnoteé Is the universe welcoming or hostileé We could stand here forever,wondering. Or we could leave home,on the ultimate adventure. To discover wonders.

Confront horrors. Beautiful new worlds. Malevolent dark forces. The beginning of time. The moment of creation. Would we have the courageto see it throughé Or would we run for homeé There's only one way to find out.

Our journey through time and spacebegins with a single step. At the edge of space,only 6O miles up. .just an hour's drive from home. Down there, life continues. The traffic is awful,stocks go on trading. .and Star Trek is still showing. When we return home,if we return home. .will it be the sameé

Will we be the sameé We have to leave all this behind. To dip our toesinto the vast dark ocean. On to the Moon. Dozens of astronautshave come this way before us. Twelve walked on the Moon itself. Just a quarter of a million milesfrom home. Three days by spacecraft.

Barren. Desolate. It's like a deserted battlefield. But oddly familiar. So close, we've barely left home. Neil Armstrong's first footprints. Looks like they were made yesterday. There's no air to change them.

They could survive for millions of years. Maybe longer than us. Our time is limited. We need to take our own giant leap. One million miles,5 million, 2O million miles. We're far beyondwhere any human has ever ventured. Out of the darkness, a friendly face. The goddess of love, Venus.

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