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Beautiful Spinning World in PowerPoint Animation Tutorial

Hi everyone,Let's learn how to make a spinning world and other cool spinning objects in PPT.Here's how to do it: First, choose the type of object you're going to spin. Create shading,and finally, animate your object. Now before we begin, let me just explain the2 types of options for the spinning effect. The first is what I call the text option.Use this if you want to write something that's spinning around the object, as you saw earlierwith the Christmas ornament and the ball in the intro tutorial. The second is the picture,or pattern option. Use this if you just have a design, such as the world map, that you'dlike to spin around.

I'll start by showing you all the steps forthe text option, then we'll move on to the picture option.To give you a quick look of how to do the spinning text, let me first sort of deconstructor pull apart what I did for the first section for that red ball. The ball part is coveredup on all sides by black so let me move that away so you can see it better. Basically, what'shappening is there is a wheel of text that's rotating to create the spin effect. Thereis also some shading patterns in there that give it a 3d look. And I'll just manuallyrotate the text so you can see how it works. All right, let me put everything back together,and we'll start over and do it from the first

step.So now that we've chosen the text option, we now need to create a rectangle with a circlecut out of it I'll call this the window layer, for lack of a better word. I've inserteda white rectangle here on top of our orange background, and now I'll add a circle on topof it. Make sure the circle doesn't have an outline. Now, of course, if you have PPT 2013,it's very simple to combine these shapes by selecting the circle and rectangle, and underthe format tab, clicking on combine shapes, then combine, and there you go. If you havean earlier version of PPT, I'll just show you really fast how to do it, since I knowI'll get questions on it. You just highlight

both shapes, cut them by right clicking orcontrol X on a PC, then paste as a picture, and then go to your color options, chooseset transparent color, click on the circle, and there you go you have a perfect cutout.Ok, now that we've made the window layer one way or another let's make text part.I'll just create a text box and put some test words in here. Now I'll go to quot;word art stylesquot;and choose this half circle. Increase the size, make it more circular, and adjust itso it looks the way you want in your window. Make sure that the height and width are thesame so it's a perfect square. Now I'll just bring the window layer to thefront then make the text white and also

bold.We now have our ball and the text done but it currently looks like kind of a flat circle,which is why the next step of creating shading is so important because it'll give it moreof that 3D look. To create shading, we first create a circleabout the same size as our cutout. Take out the outline. Now make it a gradient fill makeit a radial gradient and start from center. And even though this isn't an exact science,I'll show you at least one set of parameters that worked for me.First color, make it the color of the background. Position is 4%, and transparency is 100%.Next one is in 30% position make it the

same orange color. And transparency is 90%.Finally, we have one in the position of 90% and transparency of zero. And last one isposition 100%, black, and also transparency zero I'm not sure if this last one mattersactually. Now bring the window layer to the front tomake sure the shading stays within the boundaries of the original circle. And we're just goingto add another piece of shading on top add another circle, take out the outline. Go backto gradient fill and let's change the numbers. First off, make this a path gradient insteadof radial that's really important. Now make it just 2 points on either end makethem both white really easy. Now the first

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