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End Of Earth According To Hindu Mythology

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Ultimate Pokemon Theory Sun and Moon IS THE CLIMACTIC ENDING Gnoggin

1996, 1999, 2002, 2006, 2010, 2013, and in 2016. an all new Pokemon adventure. Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon. (gasps) I've figured it out. (laughs)

I've figured it out. Everything, everything makes sense. I need, I need. (dramatic music) (rapid phone booping) Pokemon Sun and Moon. (Phone rings) Oooph, whaté

No, no, ahh who is that callingé (whimpers) Lockstiné TOBY I'VE FIGURED IT OUT!! Lockstin what are you doing it's so early TOBY THERE'S NO TIME TO REST I'VE FIGURED EVERYTHING OUT! Lockstin I'm 8 hours ahead of you,

It's the middle of the night. Have you forgotten your meds againé (suspenseful tones) All of it. Mate, what are you going on abouté Toby, I know everything there is to know, About Pokemon, Pokemon Sun and Moon, It all comes together,

every Pokemon game, the anime, the movies, the card game! It all leads to this one moment! And now I have the ultimate Pokemon theory. Go on then. TOBY…. (suspenseful tones)

Sun and Moon are the last pokemon games!!!! WHATé Well, that is, I mean, of course due to the sequelization and milking of basically every intellectual property there are bound to be more pokemon games later on. But I mean the entire story arc of Pokemon as a whole comes to a close in sun and moon.

The History of Hindu India Part One From Ancient Times

Hi. My name is Raj Narayan and I'mgoing to talk about Hindu history, beliefs and culture. Hinduism is the oldest living religionin the world and the third largest. More than one billion Hindus live in 150different countries, mostly in India. The United States alone is home to over two million Hindus.

Origins of Hinduism:To find the distant beginnings of Hinduism, we have to go back over 6,000 years tothe SaraswatiIndus region of the Indian subcontinent. This vast area extends from Sri Lanka in the south to the Himalayan mountains in the north, from the Arabian Sea in the west to theBay of Bengal in the east. The SaraswatiIndus civilization developed here,eventually becoming the world's largest

and most advanced, surpassing even those of Egypt,Mesopotamia and China. The civilization is named after the area's two greatriver systems, the Saraswati and the Indus. It is calledthe Vedic culture after the earliest Hindu sacred text. Itis also known as the Harappan culture, after the site of its first discovery in1920. This was an urban culture

centered around many highly organizedcities, some with populations of 8,000, which was rare in those days. Thecities were connected by trade routes whichextended west to Mesopotamia and East to central Asia. Five thousand years laterarchaeologists discovered pottery, seals, statues, beads,

jewelry, tools, toys, miniature carts, and dice, all of which hint at what lifewas like at the source of the civilization thathas evolved into modernday India. The flat, stone seals have writing onthem and images of Deities, ceremonies, symbols, people,

plants and animals. Even though writing was widespread among the people, we have not deciphered it yet. From these artifacts, we learn thatcertain religious and cultural practices were identical to those followed byHindus today. One seal shows a meditating figure that scholars link to Lord Shiva, whileothers show the lotus posture used today inhatha yoga.

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