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End Of Earth 2 Houghton 4

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Questioning the universe Stephen Hawking

There is nothing biggeror older than the universe. The questionsI would like to talk about are: one, where did we come fromé How did the universe come into beingé Are we alone in the universeé Is there alien life out thereé What is the future of the human raceé Up until the 1920s,

everyone thought the universewas essentially static and unchanging in time. Then it was discoveredthat the universe was expanding. Distant galaxies were moving away from us. This meant they must have beencloser together in the past. If we extrapolate back, we find we must haveall been on top of each other about 15 billion years ago.

This was the Big Bang,the beginning of the universe. But was there anythingbefore the Big Bangé If not, what created the universeé Why did the universe emergefrom the Big Bang the way it didé We used to thinkthat the theory of the universe could be divided into two parts. First, there were the laws like Maxwell's equationsand general relativity

that determined the evolutionof the universe, given its stateover all of space at one time. And second, there was no questionof the initial state of the universe. We have made good progresson the first part, and now have the knowledgeof the laws of evolution in all but the most extreme conditions. But until recently,we have had little idea about the initial conditionsfor the universe.

However, this division into lawsof evolution and initial conditions depends on time and spacebeing separate and distinct. Under extreme conditions,general relativity and quantum theory allow time to behavelike another dimension of space. This removes the distinctionbetween time and space, and means the laws of evolutioncan also determine the initial state. The universe can spontaneouslycreate itself out of nothing. Moreover, we can calculatea probability that the universe

was created in different states. These predictionsare in excellent agreement with observations by the WMAP satelliteof the cosmic microwave background, which is an imprintof the very early universe. We think we have solvedthe mystery of creation. Maybe we should patent the universe and charge everyone royaltiesfor their existence. I now turn to the second big question:

Dreams of Being Alive

Do you ever dream that you come from a different placeé. that you home is not here. that you self does not have a face. Do you ever dream that you Soul is larger than Lifeé. Do you ever dream of being Alive!

Gil and Natalie Dekel.poeticmind.

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