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End Of Days Prophecies Syria

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Biblical End Times Fox News Guest Says Syria Is A Sign

sonya kudos talk to socalled expertabout the the biblical issues regarding damascus and we go to war overthere and he's curious what God intended wellwhat's cool about mistrust and the serious stuff is wayalthough I mean Old Testament all that's how all done talking about don't letsome biblical scholars say it's all there in black and white like a spooky passage from Isaiah 17about Syria itself the old Damascus is about to be removed for being a cityand well

become a fallen ruin once a couplethousand years another passage mourns a growing unrest in Egypt on the riseabove tears team as our producer Jerry Jackson saidearlier today to me yep that's because they've been fightingthe Middle East for a couple thousand years now nonstop two thousand years ago I got themask is about the faults gonna be a road City of Cairo are you kidding me okee gyppedthis that

it mean any city in the middle east andthey'll be a passage in the Bible about our God is gonna smoke the hell outtathose guys I hate alba they're having a lot oftrouble there because every city was in ruins every couple years back then and since then this is the utmostgoofiness but there is a danger side to this whichis that christian fundamentalists this country which enforces a very large percentageof the country roughly in this is very

very rough about a quarter the country well they love this idea end times theylove the idea farm again they love the idea are these really certain the countriesand cities being destroyed because it's been prophesied in a bit has that means great because the next stepis Jesus returns so when they drive our policy towardsthat destruction it's very very serious so the scoop allkudos gonna talk to another groove ball

was written a whole book about this andnow you have a goofball conversation about how awesome what did what yeah Iweigh me must try to figure it out are you sayingthere's more and and and Isaiah that their heads a troubled the gun this isfrom I German fortynine Damascus has becomepeople she has turned to flee and panicked hasgripped her anguish and pain it's Easter pain like that of a woman in labor why is the city of renown not beenabandoned the town in which I delight

surely our young men will follow streetsholler soldiers will be silenced in that day declares the Lord Almighty Iwill set fire to the walls in Damascus it will consume the fortress is a band had what are weto make about well you know we're in the novel Damascuscountdown I imagine a scenario which that profits both properties come truein our lifetime but we don't know that they will but you got a horse situation going onright now look

Fox News Is Conflict In Syria Biblical End Times

okamoto decided to do a segment on Syria but was the discussion about the policy we should take in Syria nowas it about the merits of intervention versusnonintervention or how can we stabilize the regionNorwood us going in destabilize the region no nonothing to do with any other it was about biblical prophecy and

the and times I'm not getting this justand the serious stuff is way all 19 Old Testament all that's how old I amtalking about don't let some biblical scholars say it's all there in black andwhite like a spooky passage from Isaiah 17about Syria itself the whole Damascus is about to be removed for being a cityand will become a fallen ruin that's a couplethousand years another passage towards a growing unrest in Egypt on the riseabove tears team still are any of these writingspresaging events today are merely

incidents that already happenedcenturies ago after all Damascus has been overrun countless times littlemore than years after these writings by in this case the Assyrians back in730 to be safe but they are uncanny and they are kinda scary are intact dog rosenberger is author of Damascuscountdown and is known for his biblical insights and what its reads very spooky job what do you make it well youknow we're in the novel Damascus countdown I

imagine a scenario which that profitsboth properties come true in our lifetime but we don't know that theywill of but you got a horse situation goingon right now look those properties are eschatologicalmeeting there end times prophecies they have not cometrue in the sense that Damascus not only still a city but it's one ofthe oldest continuously inhabited cities in history so but the way it's a verysobering thought to think that a judgment of a city or country

could happen which entire city could bewiped out but that is in fact with the Bible is predicting what does not makehim there are joel is it saying that what's going on now is what's gonna leadto it's impossible for us to know that yetI mean and I think it's wrong for people who teach Bible prophecies to to gas I meanI mean in an in a sense to try to say forcertain it's gonna happen now what you have seven million

syrians are already on the run twomillion have left the country five million are internally displacedthat Jeremiah fortynine prophecy says that people will flee but they'll still be people in Damascuswhen the prophecy happened the bottom line is we don't know whether this these two prophecies Isaiah17 and Jeremiah 49 will happen in our lifetime or soon but they could because they haven'thappened yet amazing Joe

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