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End Days Chicago

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Text: This tutorial is a warning from Heavenfor all U.S. citizens, to prepare for National martial law beginning in ChicagoPetrus Romanus: This Following Message was received on Thursday May 10, 2012. It is aProphetic Message from the Most High True God.Jesus said: FEMA, also known, as Federal Emergency Management Association,is nothing like, what is stated, My children. You, have been doing your research for manyyears now, and it, is about, to pay off. FEMA has been mandated,to build large detention centers. They are not there, to aid the people, in their survival.But they will be the primary workers,

in the Global Population Reduction Program.They are the ones in charge: of the FBI, of the SWAT teams, and, the Department of HomelandSecurity. Homeland what does that sound like My childrenéPerhaps it sounds a bit like what Hitler referenced his own home country to: his motherland orhomeland. These people, have evil designs, for the population of the World,and they are about to invest, their time and energy, in practicing, especially in the ChicagoSummit Meeting the NATO Summit Meeting. Chicago, will be under National Martial Law,under, this current President of the United States. I am suggesting, to all Chicagoans,to flee their City, if they do not, want to

be part, of the roundup. This, is a Warning,for there will be, police force used against those protesting, this summit meeting,and there will be riots staged as well. But what happened in Toronto,will be nothing compared to what is about to happen, to the state of Chicago,for martial law is coming. But first the One World Government People,want to practice, their tactics, on the unsuspecting bystander, and peaceful protesters.They have something very big planned; and because I am JustI am Warning the people ahead of time: Get out! while you still can.Move! Because, this martial law, is not going

to end, but is the beginning, of the unfolding,of the Scourge, coming, to the United States of America. It is the beginning, of The End.

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