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11 Batman v Superman Easter Eggs You Didnt Notice

The Batman versus Superman Easter Eggs That Flew Over Your Head With a running time of twoandahalf hours,Batman versus Superman: Dawn of Justice has a lot going on. We've gone over all 153 minuteswith a finetoothed comb and picked out the best and biggest Easter eggs to give you hintsof what to look for in the movie. Here's a spoilerfilled guide to all the DC Comicsgoodies peppered throughout the film. One more time, for anyone who's not paying attention… Major spoilers ahead. Still hereé Great. Let's dive in.

Darkseid is coming Bruce Wayne's nightmare vision, which occurswhile he's asleep at his Batdesk, hints at something major looming on the DC movie horizon.Fans of the comics will recognize the flying creatures in this scene as Parademons, thenasty comics creatures who serve the intergalactic ubervillain known as Darkseid. You can alsosee Darkseid's Omega symbol carved into the ground at the beginning of Bruce's vision,and Luthor seems to directly reference his impending arrival when he threatens quot;he'scomingquot; at the end of the movie. But that's not the only hints of Darkseid's presencewe get out of Batman v Superman.

Mother Box When Wonder Woman takes a tour through LexLuthor's metahuman files, we get our best looks yet at the future members of the JusticeLeague, including the Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg. In particular, Cyborg's origin, toldvia lab footage that shows him being, uh, booted up for the first time, has even moreto offer fans than just the beginnings of a major superhero. That's because we get alook at what seems to be a Mother Box, a superpowerful supercomputer ripped right from the pagesof Jack Kirby's New Gods saga. Just like Batman's vision of the future, the Mother Box has majorties with Darkseid and the aliens of New Genesis

and Apokalips. Since it looks like Cyborg'screation has direct ties to New Gods technology—just like the new version of his origin in thecomics from 2011— expect the hero to play a pretty big role in the DC Extended Universe. Riddle me this Batman's troubled past is felt more than seenor discussed in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but Snyder's fondness for referencingcomics lore can be seen in the building where the showdown between the two heroes goes down.If you look carefully, you can spot what looks a lot like some graffiti left behind by theRiddler, or perhaps some of his henchmen. Might

we see him in future DC moviesé And will JimCarrey reprise the roleé Eesh. KGBeast Lex Luthor has a highranking henchman inBatman v Superman named Anatoli Knyazev (played by Callan Mulvey), and although he doesn'tlook anything like he does in the comics, DC fans will recognize that as the real nameof the villain known as KGBeast. Could we be seeing Knyazev in a different form lateroné Considering his fate in this movie—getting exploded after Batman shoots at the flamethrowerhe's wearing on his back—it's a good bet that he'll be more inclined to wear somethingcloser to his comic book costume in future

appearances. Assuming, of course, he hasn'tsimply been incinerated, that is. Mercy Graves That's no ordinary employee bringing Zod'scorpse to Lex Luthor. Fans of Superman: The Animated Series will recognize the characterof Mercy Graves, played here by Tao Okamoto, Luthor's personal assistant and bodyguard.She became a fanfavorite during the run of the series, and it's exciting to see her broughtto the big screen in such a major movie. Of course, unless we misunderstood the scenewhere she's inside the Senate building that.explodes about halfway through the movie, we mightnot get much more Mercy in future DC Films

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