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Doomsday Predictions Beyond 2012

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Beyond 2012 NASA Seeks to Debunk Doomsday Prophecy

(Music) David Morrison: The widespread rumors that there will be a catastrophe or even a doomsday on December 21st are wrong. This is, simply, a big hoax. It will be a day just like any other. (Music) David Morrison: NASA has received thousands of

emails and calls from members of the public who are concerned, especially young people. So it seems only right that NASA scientists should help to dispel these rumors of doomsday. (Music) David Morrison: There are many different threads that come together on this doomsday hoax for December 21st.

They come from a variety of sources. The only thing they have in common is that one date of the 21st. (Music) David Morrison: Some people think that the Maya calendar, from the ancient Maya civilization, comes to an end on December 21st. Or even that the Maya predicted some sort of catastrophe.

That's simply not true. That's a modern rumor. It has nothing to do with the real Maya. (Music) David Morrison: One doomsday rumor has a planet, a rogue planet named Niburu or Planet X, coming into the solar system and crashing into Earth. This is silly. If there were such an object, anybody could see it.

It would be one of the brightest things in the sky. (Music) David Morrison: There are claims that the Earth's rotation will change or that the poles will flip, causing terrible damage. Well, this just can't happen. There is no way that we can have a pole flip on the Earth. (Music)

David Morrison: Part of the doomsday rumor is that there will be a planetary alignment and that this will somehow damage the Earth. Well, they couldn't pick a worse time. On December 21st, there's no alignment, the planets are scattered all over the sky. (Music) David Morrison: There is a giant black hole at

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