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Seeing Muhammad and each other whole Lesley Hazleton at TEDxRainier

When you're deeply focused on your work, you forget how it looks to others. Unless, like me, you're an agnostic Jew, (Laughter) what you're deeply focused on is Islam, and you've just finished writing a biography of Muhammad. And your audience might be just a little bit nervous. (Laughter) This photo was taken this past summer

at the Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, and yes, that's me in the middle. I never imagined myself in an abaya, but in was required for entrance, so I reminded myself that clothes do not make the woman, and took a deep breath. There was no bolt from the blue,

in fact, it felt almost elegant and since the mosque is very beautiful, I posted the photo online, only to find that some of the reactions were kind of – puzzling. There were Muslims, saying, basically, Yay! You've become a Muslim! And then, there were Jews saying, basically,

Uyy, you've become a Muslim.(Laughter) This seemed a rather large conclusion to draw from a snapshot. So, the photo evidently invites interpretation and the question is, whyé What were the underlying assumptions hereé If I were to put this onright now, for instance – Is this an act of honoré

Or is it one of disrespecté Is it a gesture of sympathyé Or is it merely presumptuousé Or does it make no difference what I say at this moment because all you can focus on is the fact that I'm wearing an Islamic head scarf. In which case, why is it so distractingé How this is seen, has little to do with me.

It's a function of your preconceptions and expectations, and of the agenda that you then attribute to me. And that's a loaded word:Agenda. It implies ulterior motives. In which case. let's look at my motives. To the question of how come I decided

Constance Korean December 2012 MLR

English Alright! So I'm about to do my first Monthly Language Report. Hi everyone! I'm Constance, from Singapore. I'm filming this while on holiday in Hong Kong, and before I head out to explore the city, I thought I'd film my first Monthly Language Report. English So yeah, I don't really have all the vocabulary I need to do this but *determined face*

I'll start with a self introduction. I currently live in Singapore, but I've also lived in Shanghai and Beijing from the age of 10 up until 18. Since I attended international schools, I've made lots of Korean friends. Regrettably, back then, language was a barrier. I first visited Korea in November 2001. I was in high school then,

and being interested in current affairs, I was an active member of the school's Model United Nations club. .Are you familiar with quot;Model UNquot;é Back then I participated in the Model UN conference at Seoul Foreign School. While in Seoul, I stayed over at a Korean student's house. Although the trip was very short, Korea had made a good first impression. Pictures taken in Seoul in 2001

In 2010, my boyfriend left for the United States. Suddenly, I had a lot of time to spare on weekends! I decided to pick up Korean. Korean culture was gaining popularity in Singapore, so I figured I could get a lot of language exposure here. I've been learning Korean for about 3 years now. I attend lessons every Saturday, and recently I've also started practising Korean with a language partner.

Thanks (for watching)!.

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