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Carey Mulligan Discusses Her Grans Dementia Alzheimers Society

My grandmother has had Alzheimer's for about eleven years. We were very close Nans and I, we still are, you know the waywe are now is sort of different but she taught me how to sing, she got me interested in poetry,she was just a really warm maternal amazing person. You couldn t leave her house withouta car full of stuff she just volunteered to give you. We used to bake together; we usedto make this amazing cherry cake, cherry almond cake which I just got the recipe for afteryears of searching for it. Yeah we just had amazing times together and then we startednoticing that she had some symptoms, you know obviously things change a little bit and wehad to find a new way of dealing with things.

Maybe six years ago, but she was still livingat home she was, it was getting to the point that you know, it was time for her to be somewhereshe could be looked after all the time and we sat down to have dinner my mother was thereand she looked at knife and fork in front of her and the plate of food and she couldn't, she couldn t understand how to use the knife and fork and so we explained that it's all fine that it's one of sort of momentary. But after dinner she went to the piano andshe just started to play the piano and she played the piano for half an hour, with bothhands which to me was genius because I can't do that. But you know it was amazing becausemusic was just something that just stays so,

it resonates for such a long time. One ofthe ways that we communicate through her now is through music, sometimes if she's distressedor if she's not communicating if you play a piece of music she will start tapping herfeet or you know occasionally a little bit of song will come out. So now I make her mixtapes and I sort of judge it by, you know I will make sort of a mix CD and I judge thosepeople on the CD by whether she approves them or not. But she loves sort of male voice choirsand opera singers and she really can, you can just see her just relaxing in it, so it's a lovely way to see her. Today she's, she not really she doesn t recognise everyoneshe's not communicative. You know, she's different

from time to time some times, she's very quietand just sleeps, sometimes she makes a lot of noise and sometimes there's an amazingmoment where you see exactly who she was or exactly who she is inside. You know, therewas obviously a period of time that was very difficult, not least for Nan's you know whenshe was experiencing the confusion and understanding and self awareness that she was sort of forgettingthings and becoming forgetful that was very difficult, but its almost better now thatshe's sort of past that stage and she's in a really amazing home that we love visitingbecause it s so vibrant and such a joyful place to be. There are very simple ways ofjust engaging with people and treating people

with respect and spending time with them,I think time is one of the most valuable things. You know I only had experience of Nan's andhow she went through it, then you meet people and it s just so different from person toperson it really is an individual thing and that's really a reminder of how unique everyoneis and how important it is to respect each person. This is something that's really apainful thing for families and that s really really, hurts people, it causes a great amountof stress and sadness and anxiety and grief and it s just not given the attention thatit needs. I think people think that it s just sort of, a part of being old, so I think youknow when people can understand it as an illness

and that it needs to be researched and thereneeds to be prevention, there needs to be a cure, then we can start tackling it seriously.

Aurora Digitalis Solving realworld problems

This project is fantastic. I had very little to do with it myself. This really was motivated by the students. They came up with the idea. They really came up with fantastic solutions to reallife problems. How do you mount all this stuffé How do you attach it to the buildings without making holesé How do you power all this stuff without blowing curcuit breakers all over the placeé All those kinds of real engineering problems which gives them great experience preparing for work. It's been a fantastic success. I've been surprised by how much attention it's gotten. And, again, it really came out of the students themselves. This was not a top down deal where either the administration or the faculty decided, quot;Oh yeah, we really need to light up the civil engineering building.quot; This was the students saying, quot;Yeah, we want to put on a light show. Where can we get away with it.quot; And what you see here is the result of all that.

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