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CalPERS Board of Administration June 13 2012 Part 4

mister mccurry please start your own argument and the set the clock at sixtyminutes and i will tell you in the two minute light comes on since i don'tthink you can see well enough thank you uh. mr president board members when i sit and read through the staffargument and listen to staff of the arguments we've heard so far i keepwaiting for us early enter from the side stage and explain that we're dealinghere with an alternate reality apparently the hearings and i attendedthere judge who ruled i mean that's of

court reporter transcribed is not thesame hearing that counsel to my left had participated let me give you one very quick example on page three of the staff argument where they talk about facts pertaining yeah uh. they indicate

the party stipulating to the factsconcerning the dates of certain employment action involving mistershabazz and to the facts are found in hearingexhibit number seventy nine and the second page after that this would be paid for the second bullet point reyes on augustthird two thousand nine labored there in the calpers cannot requiremister shabbat to receive medical treatment laid the change hisopinion to state that mister shabazz did

not receive treatment than his conditionwas permanent and he was qualified for disability retirement presuming that the party stipulated tothat i'm pretty much wasting my time sittinghere here is exhibit seventy nine if you can find the gate august third where the mention of lee that anexhibit six seventy nine were we stipulated facts

i wuz right out nothing can exhibit seventy nine westipulated to fax deals with that particular contention maybe it was an oversight maybe the hearing that i heard wasdifferent from the hearing that they have the bottom line here is that we aredealing with the question of temporary versus permanent that is the essence ofthe argument dealing with this clatter

of with with a stop let's put it real clear right now mistershabbat is conditioned is now a always has been temporary that is a word of art that is used bythe psychiatrists and psychologists unless a mental condition comes from anorganic source uh. brain damage from childhood progressive developmentalproblems

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