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December 2012 Kingdom Ministry

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Remnant Fellowship Overcoming LifeThreatening Obesity You Can Overcome TV

Praise God. Thank you all for coming todayand thank you, God for getting us here. We are definitely alive. If your heart is beatingyou are here and you are here at Episode twelve. This is a day that you do not want to miss;it is overcoming lifethreatening obesity. First of all, I want to say some shoutouts.Hello to everybody. Thanks to the live audience and also to those around the world that arewatching and all those that have been joining us in trying to put God first.I want to start with a shoutout to Corrie Wood and she says here�I am reading this,�The forty day journey has me totally different frame of mind about Christmas gift worriesand in total obedience to my husband�s wishes

about this. My health is improved with bettersleep and fifteen pounds off since this September, just giving it to God every moment�settingmy reminders and Michael�s songs as alarms. My family leaves them playing and sing alongif I am not near my phone, so that is a total joy to see the whole family joining in withthis whole thing.� Corrie, that is great. Thank you for all thoseencouraging words. And Lanya from Wisconsin, she says, �When I keep the focus that Iam renting this body, it does help my focus on things about it, so I have changed reminderson my phone to say what God wants me to do this hour and I have lost three pounds thisweek which brings me to a total of seventysix

pounds off.�Lanya, that is awesome. That encourages all these people watching that are listening for;can you do it, if I have a lot to loseé Patty from Facebook�shoutout to you, Patty.�Since I have done Weigh Down and followed the godly principles, He has healed and restoredmy body.� There you go. I know that is going on. �I was suffering from knee problemsand high blood pressure. Since doing Weigh Down, God has taken forty pounds off. I canwalk. My blood pressure is normal. I am sixtysix years old and it is such a blessing.�So, praise God for someone that is sixtysix. So, Patty, praise God for you. So anyway,I will say that is a great segue; healing

and a lot of weight loss and getting in thereand realizing that it is an hour by hour thing. This whole thing has got to reverse or youare going to get bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger because you are eithergrowing or you are letting go and getting back down to your normal weight. It is eitherone or the other. So what I wanted to say today is that obesity, of course, the definitionis increased in body weight beyond the limitation of skeletal and physical requirements as aresult of this excess accumulation from all this overeating.Overweight was always something like fifteen to twentyfive percent overweight. But morbidobesity is the condition of weighing two or

more times the ideal weight. It has causedlifethreatening situations for this person; it is associated with all the serious lifethreateningdisorders. It is the single most related thing to an early death. If you want to kill yourself,that is the way to do it. Keep putting food down your mouth. It is a fact that those whoare obese are much more likely to develop heart disease or diabetes and then all theother potentially fatal conditions. The shortterm aspect of obesity often leads to limited mobility,so you have got all these knee problems like they were talking about today and limited. . . your social life is limited and it hurts with relationships and all that and for womenit can also lead to an increase in the lack

of fertility and all kind of issues there.There is blood clots, I could go on and on with all of the things. I think we all knowthat we almost felt like we were dying even if you are just a few pounds overweight; youfeel miserable. So you can imagine multiplying that out to the point where your body is twotimes the body weight, or whatever. So the whole thing is awful and everyone is tryingdieting and trying all these wrong things for it to work and it does not work, of course.So obesity statistics throughout the world have also been increasing at an alarming rateand there are six other countries that have a twenty percent or more of their populationthat is obese. And these countries . . . of

Crippled Boy Healed Throws Crutches Away

As I was walking to go to school, I startednoticing this small pain growing in my hip until one day it became really severe. Thenon the 8th of November 2011, I became completely paralyzed. When the pain became really severe I startedto have to use crutches. The told me not to put my weight on the hip, otherwisethe crack would increase. I could not even lean on it or lift my leg up or bend it. Itwas very painful. I then noticed that my hip was stating to come out, so I had to limpby walking on one leg. I remember there was a 5day period whereI could not stand up, I could not get out of bed, even to go to the bathroom. I hadto have someone help me. My hip felt like

someone was hammering a nail into it. Andmy femur, my thigh bone, it felt like it was burning The said that I would need surgeryto fix my hip and that it would cost about $2000 US dollars. Before the Government washelping me, but when the assessment of the surgery came out, they said it was too muchand they could not help me. So I was discouraged and completely inside myself. But finallyI remembered the Lord and said God is able to heal me. The Preacher was praying for us and said forus to lift up our hands, and that the Holy Spirit would visit us. I was standing therewith my eyes closed, lifting up my hands and

praying. I was expecting my miracle. I couldfeel a cold wind enter my hip and everything cooled down. And I felt that the bone thathad come out, had gone back into its place. Then the Preacher said to do what we couldnot do before. So I tried to bend forward and I could. I could turn, too. So I juststarted running around and around. What's he sayingé Are these your crutchesé And now what has happenedé Is he curedé I was so happy after I was healed that I wokeup four hours later and continued rejoicing.

I couldn't sleep. My heart was at peaceand I was so joyful. I was very happy for the healing. I advise anyone who is suffering to repentand give their lives to Jesus. If they believe everything is possible, Jesus will heal them.They will receive the Kingdom of God and enter into paradise everlasting.

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