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A List of Travel Tips to Make Your Vacation Planning Easier

December 2012 Ensign

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Red Country Revenge Joe Abercrombie Sword Laser ep 19

TOM MERRITT: Coming up, whyrevenge is a dish best served by Joe Abercrombie. VERONICA BELMONT: Mm, revenge. It's our author's guide tothe man who created Logen Ninefingers and quot;TheFirst Law Trilogy.quot; TOM MERRITT: Needsome revenge. MUSIC VERONICA BELMONT:Hey, everyone.

Welcome to the Sword Laser. I'm Veronica Belmont. TOM MERRITT: And I'mTom Merritt. VERONICA BELMONT: Say what youwant about author guides, Tom. Say they introduced you to theauthor and then bring them up to the castle via Skype toask them your questions. TOM MERRITT: We're going tokeep hammering that Logen Ninefingers' joke aren't weé

VERONICA BELMONT: Yeah. That wasn't very good, was ité I'm sorry. TOM MERRITT: Of course we are,because this is our guide to Joe Abercrombie. MUSIC VERONICA BELMONT: Born inLancaster, England, Joe Abercrombie was raised on asteady diet of computer games,

d20s, and maps of places thatexisted only in his imagination. This led Abercrombie to theUniversity of Manchester where he studied psychology, and beganwriting an epic fantasy story about the Renaissancebarbarian Logen Ninefingers. TOM MERRITT: Say what you willabout Abercrombie, say he abandoned his first Ninefingers'story calling it a pompous toss and, instead,took a job as resident tea

maker at a LondonbasedTV production company. The low pay and ample freetime helped him decide to redefine the fantasy genre. VERONICA BELMONT: Thisteafueled decision brought Abercrombie back to LogenNinefingers and eventually grew into the 2006 CampbellAwardnominated quot;The Blade Itself,quot; the first installmentof Abercrombie's quot;The First Law Trilogy.quot; The novel followscrippled torturer Sand

dan Glokta, selfcenterednobleman, Jezal dan Luthar, and Ninefingers as old grudgesresurface, treasons are revealed, and the world inchescloser to total war. TOM MERRITT: quot;Before They AreHangedquot; and quot;Last Argument of Kingsquot; followed in2007 and 2008. And the series drew praise forits stark and gritty approach, which Abercrombie calledfantasy with the edges left on.

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