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High Council of Orion Message for Dec 21st 2012

Greetings we are the High Councilof Orion. And we join in the celebration of Soulson the planet at this time, for much is shifting and changing and many of you are feeling this and areconnected in with this, and this is a beautiful thing. For it truly is a quot;dawn of a new age.quot; An age which many of you have dreamtabout, felt,

seen as if it was already here and itwas already real. The future is bright and many of youexperience that, and for those of you who are doubting the future beingbright, we ask you to tune in to your heart and allow that feeling of connection toyour soul to bubble up, and transcend the doubts within your mind.

The doubts within the evidence of thelife you've lived up till now, for it truly is a time of quot;newbeginnings.quot; Will there be some transition timeƩ Yesof course. Yet day by day as each of you reach out to each other to live life from a new heart centeredplace, the world does shift and change.

For never in the history of the planet has the potential for this reality been as present as itis in this moment. Have there been shifts and changes and great potentials on the planet beforeƩYes! there have. But never have as many souls been on theplanet to support and usher

forward this beautiful time of change, and because of so many individuals soulsconnection to histories past, you have within your collective thepotential to learn from those past histories whetherthey have been recorded or not. The depth of wisdom and knowledge,

and the heart centered connection that is flowing between eachone of you who holds this vision has never happened before. Trust the magnification of all of your energies to move out in exponential ways,

Apps Script Office Hours December 6 2012

ERIC KOLEDA: Our team's job isto make sure people that are using Google Developer productsare happy and successful. And this show is allabout Apps Script. Our main purpose here is toanswer your questions. If you're watching live, youcan either join the Live Hangout, come join me, and we'llanswer some questions.

Or if you don't feel likejoining, if you're a little shy, you can go to the embeddedModerator page, which is inside of this event,and start typing your questions there. And I'll go through themduring the show. Before we get started withquestions and answers, I wanted to just cover a littlebit of some news that's happened recently in theApps Script community.

One thing is that we recentlypublished a blog post early this week on Monday abouthow the it's very exciting, actually the UK, their cabinet office,the ministers in that office, are actually using well, notthe ministers programming themselves, but the moretechie members of their office actually have beenputting together a solution to create custom reports on theirGoogle Analytics data.

So they have a number ofdifferent web properties that they're trying to monitoranalytics on. And the ministers need theirinformation in a certain format on a daily basis so theycan easily digest and get some information about it. And so for that purpose, theyput together some Apps Script code that pulls a reportdirectly from Google Analytics using the integration that's inApps Script, puts that into

some spreadsheets, doessome formatting and manipulation of the data. And then from there, they outputthat into a Design tool that produces the finalstylized report. So go check it out. It's on our blog. You can search for the GoogleApps Developer Blog, that's probably the easyway to find it.

But it's alsoGoogleappsdeveloper.blogs . Just go take a look. It's actually really exciting. And we've seen a lot of peoplerecently get success by using Apps Script to pull datafrom Google Analytics. I think people who use GoogleAnalytics, power users, they love data, they lovenumber crunching. And Spreadsheets in Apps Scriptis the perfect tool set

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