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BRUJA MOLESTA A UN SOLDADO Tutorial Real OxlackCastro

You are about to enter in the mysterious world of paranormal reality often or almost always people ask me to present a real paranormal tutorial, I have analyzed many tutorials and I've found that they have beenfalse, but lately I have been investigating a case, a tutorial thatwent viral and is very popular on paranormal in this year, and really I have not found any explanation, Today we will learn perhaps one of the tutorials that probablyor might possibly be real, my name is Oxlack Castro, welcome toparanormal reality, We started, In midOctober this year a really shocking tutorial went viral. Who has seen this tutorial has

witnessed an event creepy. A supernatural force takes possession of the extremities of a suspected Colombian soldierwho shouts terrifyingly quot;see here are all ,,,,quot; quot;comeLucifer, come, come, come quot; The tutorial was popularized with the titleWitch bothering a soldier, according to the title an immaterial being designated as a witchdrag a soldier or pull the legs as if to take him to an unknown place. Starts with a soldier lying to which you see signs of being unconscious. Around him, more military watch him and it can be listened in recording that they make him somequestions

suddenly the man stiffens and ismoved from side to side while the other military realize the involuntary movement of the soldier´s legs that start to raise due to a transparent force which begins to pull him military starts screaming anxiously when feel that is being drawn by an invisible being and he embraces the feet of another military that faces tohim while others shout quot;It doesn't take you, doesn't,quot; intime of increased tension in the tutorial other military pounce on his legs to keep him on the floor and finish with his distress quot;Come lucifer, come, come, comequot;,I do not know why they chose that tutorial title

cause in the final minutes welisten mentioning lucifer quot;Come lucifer, come, come, comequot; quot;drop him, drop himquot; quot;Where is ité, where it standséquot;quot;Is back there, crossed back there in the phonequot; This tutorial has no further information rather than what we see and hear in its content. Some say that it is only the fragment of a longer tutorial that still has not been released and maybe it can belong to a demonic possession others more objectively comment that the soldier is suffering a muscle paralysis or having some kind of attack, to othersIt is a real tutorial of the attack of a malignant being, No doubt the tutorial is very strange and shivery if we consider the possibility of an entity

who has this power over men. We tried to find someone in Colombia who can tell us the truth behindthis tutorial but we have not received any reply, In particular it seems to me that we see a soldier in state of trance and the movements of his bodyin that state may be possible. Nevertheless, I can not prove it and I can not say that is false, Are we facing a real evidenceof a paranormal phenomenoné I don't know, but I'm sure that this tutorial should be only a fragment of a tutorialwith longer duration, Now it continues to intrigue me and Iwould like it was real

quot;He is not taken, he is not taken, he did nottakes quot; quot;See, here we arequot; This event made me remember a viral tutorial in 2007, A group of friends are filmed whileplay the Ouija and capture in tutorial one of themost terrifying scene about paranormal phenomena quot;Oh my God!quot; quot;what is wrong. Are you O.Kéquot; the tutorial due to its strong imageswas very popular at the time

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