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Choose Your 2012 End Of The World Hacked

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Laci Ladies, what's up, ladiesé Actually, this doesn'tjust apply to ladies. I've gotten so muchemail the past few years of people asking me howto shave their pubes and have basically always just said, quot;Yeah, no, not gonna do that.quot; Reason being that I don'twant to be another one of those forces that pressures people

to shave off their pubic hair. I know when I was younger I felt a lot of pressure to get rid of that shit. And on one occasion, Igot such bad razor burn that I (mumbling) myself at the gynecologist worried that I had herpes. These days I kinda like pubic hair. I get excited by bushes thesize of mount kilimanjaro.

Yeah, I said it, haters gonna hate. And we all know what you gottado about the haters, righté Ignore the shit out of them. Which means that if deepdown if you don't want to shave your pubes, if itjust doesn't interest you, or you get really bad razor burn, or you're lazy, don't do it. I haven't shaved for months but maybe

in a few weeks I'll decide, quot;Hey, I want a different hairstyle.quot; In which case, here are some things that I've found to helpyou shave your pubes and avoid the bumpy burnyitchy red nasty horribleness. (gentle music) And before you ever pull out a razor the first thing you wanna dois give yourself a little trim.

Get the hair nice and short. Then hop in the shower with a bath. And soak for five to ten minutes. Then take an exfoliator ora luffa and gently remove the dead skin cells fromthe triangle patch on top. Close shave is the keyto avoid irritation. So, removing all thosedead skin cells first it's gonna help you get a little closer.

So, in terms of shaving cream, I like to use the kindthat's a gel to foam. You want something that's not too thin and something that's not too thick. And then your razor. So, your razor shouldbe sharper than mine. And this is where you don't wanna skimp. You wanna have somethingthat's really, really sharp.

ALGORITHM The Hacker Movie

Brand X. Okay! Okay. Good Morning I'm Agent Peterson. And this is Agent Wallace Yeah. He's new. But, he's learning, so cut him a little slack for now. Tell me your name. .your real name, for the record. Charles Drake.

What. what do you want from meé What do we wanté What do we want!é You the motherfucker who likes to steal shit from the government! Huhé Huh!é Not yet. Be Patient See what I meané What do you do for a living, Charlesé I teach math, at Berkley. Nice cover, asshole.

ALGORITHM: noun. a set of rules to be followed in problemsolving operations, especially by a computer. A month ago I was a god. Most people have no idea what a hacker can do. I make the world you live in. .and I can reshape that world if I feel like it. When I look around I don't see borders walls or locks. I see puzzles. .games that entertain me while I do bigger things.

Things like breaking into the phone company to rewrite the code on their servers… .and give myself free unlimited service. Swapping out my preburned SIM cards everyday at 6pm is a small price to pay. I don't care about privacy. or social status or accumulating stuff. I don't care about the law or who makes it. I live by one rule: information should be free. And everything can be simplified, encoded and understood as information.

We call this the information age for a reason. Companies and governments don't get it, so they are powerless against me. You think there are rulesé You treat computers like you do everything else. .like it's an immutable fact of life and because of that… .your worldview is antiquated. Get ready for a serious paradigm shift. The geeks have inherited the earth. the rest of you just don't know it yet.

For your consideration, exhibit A. I just hacked every computer within 20 feet of me. I own them now. Thanks for coming. I think my wife is cheating on me. So ditch her. California's a No Fault state. She gets half regardless. I want proof.

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