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Can A Tsunami End The World

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Top 10 Ways The World Could End

Dramatic Background Music Starts Playing Not everyone is afraid of civilization beingwiped back to the stone age but perhaps this list will change their mind. From Solar Flaresto super volcanoes we countdown 10 ways the world could end. 10 Gamma Ray Bursts Appearing when twocollapsed stars merge these are the strongest kind of explosions in the universe and arecompletely unpredictable. To put this in perspective, about 10 seconds of gamma ray bursts willrelease more energy than the sun ever will in its entire lifetime. If we get hit by agamma ray burst even once, our ozone layer

will be devastated, leaving us without anyprotection from UV rays. 9 Asteroids Every few million years, anasteroid big enough to end all life appears. The good news is, asteroids are a lot morepredictable than gamma rays. The bad news is, if an asteroid large enough to destroyhumanity flies in our direction, we have a very low chance of stopping it. 8Black Holes There are roughly 10 million black holes in the entire universe, and it'sgame over if just ones manages to get close enough. Even though the chances of a blackhole entering our solar system are extremely

low, the experience is something you'd neverwant to go through. If a small black hole entered the solar system, the tidal forcescaused by the steep intensification of gravity would tear you apart. In fact, the tidal forcebetween your head and feet would be around 1 million g's to put that into perspectivethe g force a typical person could handle is about 5. 7 Solar Flares Sometimes the sun will havea sudden flash of brightness, which is interpreted as a large energy release and called a solarflare. Solar flares can bring the beautiful northern lights, and other times they cancause a solar storm that's strong enough

to shut down all our electronics and causea catastrophic amount of damage. It has already happened before during the Carrington Eventin 1859. Another solar storm almost hit us a few years back in 2012, but luckily, itpassed us by without incident. 6 Expanding Sun Of all of the things on thislist that could end all life, this one is the only one that's guaranteed to do it,eventually. The sun is expanding, every day, up until the point that it becomes a giganticred star that is large enough to swallow our planet whole. It will take 5 billion yearsbefore that's possible, but the sun could be our demise long before that thanks to itssheer heat.

5 Overpopulation Our population is increasingat an alarming rate, and unless we do something about it we will be fighting over the world'slast resources. There's already cases of mass famine and resource shortages in someparts of the world, and with an ever growing population it will just add to an alreadyexisting problem 4 Robot Domination With the speed at whichscience is progressing, the sound of robots becoming sentient and revolting sounds lessand less ridiculous. Experts say that computers with artificial intelligence will most likelybe smarter than us in about 40 years. What they can do once they reach that point isscary. Elon Musk, owner of Tesla and SpaceX,

has even donated 10 million dollars to preventthis situation from happening. 3 Nuclear war Currently, there are 8 countriesthat are armed with nuclear bombs, Possibly 9. 5 of these countries have a Nuclear NonProliferationTreaty. This means that there are three to four countries that could launch a nuke wheneverthey feel like it. Just 100 nuclear bombs would be enough to cause a nuclear winterthat would absolutely ruin the state of the world. A report that came out in 2014 revealedthat we have more than 15,000 nuclear weapons in the world. 2 Ecosystem Collapse 30,000 Species goextinct on a yearly basis because of human

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