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Mohammed benutzt die Bibel Bible Prophets in the Quran

Bible and Quran Some Muslims say, quot;We believe in your Prophets, why do you not believe in our prophet, in Mohammedéquot; Supposedly all the biblical prophets are recognized in Islam. In the Quran are about 25 prophets mentioned, of which 24 are found in the Bible, But in the Quran you not even find all the biblical prophets. A large part of the biblical prophet is not even mentioned in the Quran by name. In the Quran there are about 25 prophets mentioned, of which 24 can be found in the Bible.

but the Jews count at least twice as many prophets from the Old Testament alone. Missing is, for example, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, etc. Didn't Muhammad knew themé 2. Also, the life and teachings of the biblical prophets that are mentioned in the Quran are scattered found in various Suras, sometimes with hints. Their doctrine is often simply the teachings of Islam adapted and reproduced shortened. For example, the Koran says that the prophet Jonah is quoted as saying from the Bible: quot;There is no God but you.quot; Sura 21:87

This is the same message that Mohammed brought. Or Abraham in Sura 22:26 and 27 is ordered to call upon people to perform pilgrimage. Mohammed uses the authority of biblical prophets to convince the people around him at his teaching, because the prophets from the Bible are familiar for many. From a real recognition of the biblical prophets by the Quran but can not be spoken. Isa or Jesus.

The Differences between the Bible and Quran and Jesus and Muhammad

Reagan: What are the differences betweenthe Quran and the Bibleé What did Jesus and Mohammad have in common, and how did theydifferé For the answer to these and other fascinating questions comparing Christianityand Islam, stay tuned. Announcer: Lamb and Lion Ministries presents:“Christ in Prophecy.â€� A program that focuses on the fundamentals of Bible Prophecy. Showinghow current events in the news relate to Biblical predictions of Endtime events and the soonreturn of Jesus. Now here is your host, David Reagan. Reagan: Greetings in the name of Jesusour blessed hope. I'm Dave Reagan, Senior

Evangelist for Lamb Lion Ministries andI am delighted to have with me once more this week a very special guest by the name of MarkGabriel. Mark is a former professor of Islamic history at AlAzhar University in Cairo Egypt,the world's premier Islamic University. Welcome back Mark.Mark Gabriel: Thank you, I am glad to be here. Reagan: And Mark, we are very glad tohave you back with us. Folks, last week we discussed Mark's upbringing in Egypt asa Muslim. He told us that he grew up in a devout Muslim family and had the entire Quranmemorized by the time he was 12 years old. He attended AlAzhar University in Cairo,the Harvard of the Arab world, where he graduated

second in a class of 6,000. He then becamea professor of Islamic history at the University. He also became a Muslim Imam at a Mosque inGiza where the Pyramids are located. An Imam is the equivalent of a Christian pastor. WhenMark began to publicly question some aspects of Islam he was suddenly arrested, tortured,and nearly killed before he was rescued from prison by a politically powerful uncle. Whenhe returned home he met a Christian pharmacist who gave him a Bible. He started reading theNew Testament and encountered Jesus, and he encountered a sense of inner peace like hehad never experienced before. When he revealed that he had become a Christian, his fathertried to kill him to save the honor of the

family. He finally fled to South Africa wherehe was given refuge by a Christian family. Assassins pursued him to South Africa andnearly killed him. He fled to the Congo and finally came to this country where he wasgranted religious asylum. He now resides in Florida and travels extensively,telling the truth about the religion of Islam. Mark is also the best selling authorof three books published by Charisma Press. They are: “Islam and Terrorism,�“Islam and the Jews,� and his newest, just published, “Jesus and Mohammad.� Reagan: Mark, most of our viewers havenever read the Quran, and they

don't know really how different it is fromthe Bible, so fill us in, tell us, give us acomparison here between the Bible and the Quran.Mark Gabriel: Yes, the Quran, as Muslims believe, is considered the holy bookof Islam. The size of the Quran is exactly like the size of the books of the NewTestament. And the book contains 114 chapters. Reagan: Which are called “Surahs.�Mark Gabriel: Which are called in Arabic terms, Arabic language, “Surahs.� Reagan: OK. Mark Gabriel: Exactly. And the book is considered,as the Muslims believe, the

word of Allah, who was revealed directly fromAllah to Muhammad through the angel Gabriel. Reagan: OK. Now, how does it differ though, I mean, an average person,let's say an average Christian has read the Bible. When you start reading theBible, the Bible has lots of stories. It tells this story and that story and therelationship with God, the nature of God is taught through stories. But you don'tfind that in the Quran. Mark Gabriel: No, actually the Quran wasn'treally organized logically. And when the Quran usually discusses about a specificstory, for example like the

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