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Bible Prophecy On Trump

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Donald Trump Elected Prophetic Dream

Donald Trump Elected, Prophetic DreamAugust 10, 2016 Wow, Heartdwellers I just had an incredibledream, with the signature of the Holy Spirit, that Donald Trump won the election. I'm going to share with you exactly how itunfolded. In the first part of the dream, I was at thepolls and there were 7 machines up in the front of this room all the different peoplethat were there to count the votes. And waiting in line to vote were very, verysimple and plain people. A man came into the room, dressed in a businesssuit, and he walked over and he said, quot;Before

we do any voting, let's check out these machinesand see if they're valid.quot; And he went and he looked at each one of themachines. And there was an error on every machine includingthe last machine, that allowed you to vote 3 times. He announced that to everyone. He said, quot;Look at this! This machine has an error. This machine has an error.

THIS machine has an error. And this one, you can vote three times!quot; And all the people just stared at him. But then, a hush fell over the room. The little people, the ones that were waitingin line to vote, they all took out a piece of paper and they wrote Donald Trump's nameon it. And each one stepped up to a machine, andthey put that slip of paper I guess they brought little boxes or baskets they putthat slip of paper on the floor.

They refused to use the voting machines, becausethey knew they were corrupt. And then, in the next scene of the dream,the polls had closed and it came time for counting the votes. And in this scene, different people sat downto count the votes, and then the people that checked to make sure that it's honest, thecount is honest.they sat down with these papers votes, and they started to count them. And one girl who was counting them, a youngwoman that was counting them, started counting them before the Trump delegate had a chanceto sit down and monitor it.

So, she came up to her, and she said, quot;No. Don't start until I'm sitting here.quot; And so, the girl kinda gave her a nasty look,and she sat down and they went through the votes together. One person's vote had spelled the name quot;Trumpquot;wrong, and she was going to throw that vote out, because the name was spelled incorrectly. She was going to pitch it out. And the other woman said, quot;I know this lady.

And I know she voted for Trump. And you can't just throw that out!quot; Well, that's the kind of stress and tensionthere was in the room where they were counting the ballots at the polls. In the next scene, it switched to a very expensivedining hall, with white tablecloths and flowers the whole nine yards. Mr. Obama was sitting at one of the tables. I believe it was Michelle came running inand told him, quot;It's good!



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