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Enoch Elijah and Ebola

Welcome to Revelation Unraveled, I'm your host, William Tapley, also known as the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and the CoProphet of these End Times. This will be just sort of a potpourri of Bible Prophecy occurring today, October the 14th, 2014. This is one day after the fourth anniversary of that Chilean mine rescueand disaster which as I have always said was thebeginning

of the Seven Years of Tribulation. So we are now well into the secondhalf of the Seven Years of Tribulation, in otherwords, the Great Tribulation has already begunand that began or at least it was marked at thebeginning when Almighty God knocked over that gigantic crucifix in Northern Italy which killed an unfortunate young man who happento live

on Pope John the 23rd Street and thatwas clearly Almighty God letting us know that he was unhappy withthe two major events of that week. One was when Pope Francis called that Argentinean woman and said shecould receive Communion even though she wasliving with a divorced man outside the Church. And also that horrible mark of the One World Religion appeared at the canonization ceremony of the two Popes.

And all we have to do is read what iscoming out of the Vatican Synod these days to understand thatRevelation 11:2 is also being fulfilled. In Revelation 11:2, the holy city is trampled underfoot bythe Gentiles for forty two months. The holy city in Revelation 11 refers to Rome because Jerusalem is the great city and which is also called a Sodom

and an Egypt and we also see thatfulfilled because Tel Aviv has been designated as the gay capital of the world by the government of Israel. Again, in Revelation 11, John was told tomeasure the temple but not the externals of the temple. That's because all of the churches, all of the cathedrals, the Vatican, the parochial schools, colleges and universities like NotreDame and Georgetown,

they have all been given to the Gentiles.So where is the Churché Jesus promised the quot;gates of hell wouldnot prevail against his bridequot;. Well, John is told to measure those who worship at the altar. That's where theCatholic Church is found today. You cannot find it any longer at the Vatican. And now, on this programI specifically want to talk about a plague, Ebola, which of course is one of the plagues Jesus warns about in Matthew's Olivet Discourse.

Ebola Can Be Prevented

lt;igt;Announcer: The followinglt;igt; lt;igt;is a presentation oflt;igt; lt;igt;Tomorrow's World.lt;igt; Another deadly outbreak of Ebola recently ravaged parts of Central and West Africa. Initial fears that it could break out into a worldwide

pandemic seem to have faded, as one country after another brought the plague under control, but Ebola remains one of the most feared and dangerous plagues. The greatest fear is that this,

or another strain of Ebola, will mutate to an airborne state. Most authorities say there is little threat of that, but it can't be ruled out entirely, and if that occurred it would

become a nightmare that even Hollywood would have difficulty replicating on the big screen. The entire world would be at risk. No country would be immune and the world's

healthcare systems would be totally overwhelmed. Ebola kills somewhere between 25% and 90% of its victims, depending on the specific strain. To combat this threat, Reuters News Agency reported

in September 2014 that: Many thousands have since died and continue to die as of the recording of this program in July 2015. But the question is: Will this infusion of money from governments, foundations,

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