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Can You Game on a MacBook

Hey guys this is Austin. Usually the wordsMac and gaming don't go in the same sentence but is it possibleé If you want a gaming computera Mac shouldn't be your first choice but what I want to know is can you game at allon a MacBooké Take a look at the specs of this 2015 13 inch MacBook Pro and it's gota decent Core i7 CPU but the integrated Iris 6100 graphics aren't exactly made for hardcoregaming. Last year I tried a few games on a Mac Pro with much better specs and it didreasonably well but how will the MacBook stack upé The first problem is just finding gamesthat work on OS X. There are a few titles in Origin and in the Mac App Store but yourchoices are pretty limited. Luckily Steam

is also available and here there's a prettydecent selection with quite a few games from my library that will work on Mac. First wehave Borderlands: The PreSequel. Here it's totally playable on low at 720p on the MacBookand just like on SteamOS The PreSequel is a solid port that's basically identicalto the Windows version. Move over to Tomb Raider and it's not quite so nice. It'salmost playable at 720p but we're getting pretty significant frame rate drops. Jumpover to Metro: Last Light Redux and things are a bit smoother but we're still dealingwith the occasional choppiness during the more intense scenes. Things aren't off toa great start but how does the MacBook handle

less hardcore gamesé Minecraft is a stapleof basically every gaming platform on the planet and the Mac is no exception. Performanceis just fine even at 1080p as long as you notch the render distance back a bit. Leagueof Legends is the same story, this is a rock solid version of the game for Mac that runsno problem on max at 1080p. So a MacBook can handle mainstream games fairly well but nextI wanted to see what we could do running Windows. Using Boot Camp I loaded a preview copy ofWindows 10 which opens a much bigger library of PC games. Trying Tomb Raider again it'sclear that Windows makes a big difference. We're seeing much more playable frame rateseven with the graphics bumped up to medium

which got me curious, how much of a differenceis thereé I ran the builtin benchmark on medium at 720p and the Windows performancewas over double what it was on OS X, averaging 43 frames per second compared to just shyof 20 running Yosemite. For a laptop with integrated graphics this isn't half badbut let's try a couple newer, more demanding titles. Load up Grand Theft Auto 5 and it'stotally playable on low at 720p.well as long as you have a mouse anyway. The onlyproblem was a weird texture issue that made some things semitransparent but this seemsmore like a GTA problem than the MacBook's fault. Shadow of Mordor is another great lookinggame and here we're able to get decent frame

rates on low, nothing to blow you away butit's entirely usable. If you want to play more casual games a MacBook is fine but fordemanding titles it might not be a bad idea to install Windows via Boot Camp, it'llgive you way more options and things should run a fair bit better. The addition of Metalto OS X El Capitan should improve gaming performance similar to DirectX 12 so it'll be interestingto revisit this next year. So is a MacBook a good gaming PCé No, not even close. Butif you want to play the occasional game on a MacBook it's totally possible.

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