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Best End Of The World Book Series

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20 Things to do Before the END OF THE WORLD

Hello, all right, so there'sbeen a lot of talk about how it's supposed tobe the end of the world on December 21st, 2012. And that's due to the Mayan calendar and how it's running out, et cetera. Personally, I don't buy it, because people have been predicting the end of the world for, I don't know, thelast thousand years.

And I don't know howmany of you remember Y2K, but nothing happened there. But even though I don't believe that the world's going toend in only a few months, it's still got methinking, what would I do if I knew that the world was going to endé So I decided to come upwith a list of things that I would wanna get donebefore the world ended.

And some people call it a bucket list, you know, before they die, and this one's gonna be similar, except it'sbeforetheendoftheworld list. 20 things to do beforethe end of the world. Go streaking. What better way tocelebrate the apocalypse than to streak down thestreets of your local towné

And I think the best part about streaking during the apocalypse is, what's the police gonna do about ité Like, they're worried aboutlooters and murderers. I don't really think they're worried about me in my birthday suit doing the windmill. There's a little visual for you. Tell everybody exactlywhat I think about them.

And I mean exactly. Doesn't matter who it is. With the freedom of knowing that there will be noconsequences for my actions because the world's going to end, I'm free to just let loose. You (bleep)ing dickface piece of (bleep)! Oh, well, sorry, Grandma.

I know that was a little harsh. But you didn't send me abirthday card this year! Pray to God. Now, I'm not religious by any means, but I figure a good prayerright before Judgment Day might go a long way to helpget me into the Pearly Gates. Can't hurt! Burn my underwear in protest

Vivian Apple at the End of the World 60second Book Review

Vivian Apple thinks that the Rapture is ajoke. She thinks that the apocalypse—the one that's supposed to follow the Rapture—isa joke, too. Now she's just waiting for her bornagain believer parents to come tothe same conclusion. But on the day after the prophesied Rapture, Vivian returns hometo discover two holes in the roof and no sign of her parents anywhere. Now what's shesupposed to doé What Vivian does, at first, is perhaps predictable.She looks to other adults in her life for the answers. But in true comingofage fashion,Vivian quickly discovers that not only are most of the adults in her life incapable ofhelping her; they're also too scared to

do anything constructive. So Vivian sets out on an epic road trip withher best friend and a love interest. (Because let's face it, even if it's almost theapocalypse, you still need some romance.) What happens along the way is at times suspenseful,at times predictable, and fairly fun in a creepy apocalyptic kind of way. My biggestcomplaint with this book being that we were left with more questions than answers…becauseit's clear there's going to be a sequel. But I still recommend quot;Vivian Apple.quot; Ultimately,this book is a story about not waiting for anyone else to save you—and not waitingfor anyone else to save the world, either.

Each of us, Vivian discovers, has a responsibilityto take control of our destinies, and to shape our world for the better. That's enough of a quest for Vivian fornow. At least until Book Two arrives.

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