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Battle Earth 2012 Rotten Tomatoes

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Enders Game Starring Harrison Ford Movie Review

when the aliens first invaded I'm nearly destroyed us a everybody welcometo what the flick that actually Ben make with small groupfor this film but let's be honest the best group otherthat's why I came back right but Ender's Game the longawaitedadaptation over Orson Scott Card novel from like the 80 try to to its tothe older book I at this is based on a story this is astory about its after a big war with it insect

type alien that his devastated or at itwas a disastrous war they got big back and the aliens were Italians were being back in theaftermath that the humans are worried about who was goingto be able to beat the aliens should they come back for another try back for another try so their trainingkids to be the next war hero they're looking know they think adults may not make thedecisions are very make so they're

looking at kids are doing what would look to now be tutorial game tight tradingread it seems like the idea is that because kids will be so much a kid George bettered tutorial games thatthey can think quicker and all but it's all about me stories on this themovie focuses on the story focuses on this kid named Ender Wigginwho is this genius at the geniuses get brought into this Battle School they trade up as towhether another gonna be great military

commanders at really who they're looking to see who's gonnabe the next person that is worthy of commanding the current ellijay reflate by orwhatever fanned the earth against the alien formic they're called let's take a look you seethings in a way we can't you love and understand theenemy I'm soul I hated this movie

really fairly specially but with a significant caveat: that Isuspect if you're into this you might like it what oMG what a jailer I hated that it was may be the mosthumorless movie that I've can remember in my life and Ii get a moment idiot I know it's not a comedy but thereis this sorta were really Harvey hobey feel to it like there is no levity atany writing their

yeah they're couple love their couple alaugh lines and there but the movie feels heavy and like its taking itself in crediting yourself a researcher Ihate I agree at you I agree with you I didn't mind thismovie now I've read the book cover the but now I read over 20 years yeah I meanobviously I haven't so I I don't and then spread very faithful right it's fairly well it isn't it isn'tthere some things that could change I feel like one of the things the bookdoes


ASTRONAUT:Accessing disconnect. Enable on. MISSION CONTROL: Copy that E.L. Com. All systems are 'go' for entry, decent and landing. Stand by. Stand by. ASTRONAUT:We are looking fine, flight. Data is good. NARRATOR:At the dawn of the 21st Century, space agencies in Europe and America began making plans to land the first humans on Mars.

But manned missions to the red planet have been proposed before. For some, Mars holds the answers to mankind's future in space. Others say Mars is too far, too dangerous, and too expensive for humans to explore. And in a world torn by troubles, some saythere is no need, or will, for mankind to reach into space anymore.

More than 30 years after the last Apollo astronaut walked on the moon, the Americanmanned space program seems to have lost its way, unable to reach beyond even lowearth orbit. ZUBRIN: We've got a problem, NASA has been literally going around in circles with the space program for the past 30 years. NARRATOR:Astronautically engineer, Robert Zubrin, has been arguing for years that sending humans to Mars is the mission the space program needs.

ZUBRIN:It's time that we set goals for NASA that were worthy of the risks of the human space flight. Mars is the next logical step in our space program. It's the challenge that's been staring us in the face for the past 30 years. It's the planet that's most like the Earth, it's the planet that has on it the resources needed to support life and therefore some day technological civilization. It's the planet that will provide us with the answer

as to whether life is prevalent inthe universe or exclusive to the Earth. And it's the planet that will give usthe critical tests as to whether humanity, can breakout out of the planet of our birth and become a spacefaring species. In the early 1990s, Zubrin was the head of the'Mars Direct' program at Martin Marietta Astronautics. His team developed a mission to Mars that could be done at the fraction of Nasa's projected costs. Using only existing technology, Zubrin argues that the first steps on Martian soil

could be made within 10 years. ZUBRIN:There is absolutely nothing in this that is beyond our technology. DR. EDWARD WEILER: We are not ready to send humans to Mars right now. We don't know how to keep them alive. There are people out there, right now, that say we can go to Mars tomorrow. One of my requirements, one of NASA's requirements, is that if we send humans to Mars we bring them back alive. For the past 15 years, Zubrin and his colleagueshave waged a campaign

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