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Avengers 2012 Ending Bad Guy

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How The Avengers Should Have Ended

(music) Thor: You want me to put the hammer downé (large explosion) (coughing) Captain America: Are we done hereé Loki: Hello! Iron Man: You're still hereé Loki: Yes.

Thor: Why didn't you run away while we settled our differencesé Loki: I'll never tell! Muhuhahaha. Hmmhmmhmmhmm.Muhuhuhahaha.hahahahaha! Captain America: OK, we are not taking him back to base. He is DEFINITELY up to something! How The Avengers Should Have Ended Cap: Whoa! Haha! Shield!

Iron Man: Gentlemen, right this way! Hawkeye: (unintelligible) (Hulk roars) Thor: Ha! Here comes the hammer! Black Widow: Pew pew pew! Captain America: Captainball! Thor: from whence you came! Nick Fury: Say what again! I dare you! I DOUBLE dare you!

(Black Widow yells) Hulk: Puny god, puny god, puny god! (Iron Man grunts) Iron Man: Tank missile! (Hulk pants) Iron Man: Hey, you guys ever had shawarmaé (music ends) Superman: This place serves foodé!

Iron Man: Yeah. You never had shawarma, eitheré Hulk: SHAWARMA! (hungrily devours shawarma) Captain America: Why do I have to sit on Hulk's lapé Thor: Mmm! Another! (smashes) Batman: Hey.I'm Batman. You want to know my secret identityé

Black Widow: . whyé Superman (clears throat): So, you guys had quite a weekend. Captain America: Heh, that's an understatement. Superman: First you guys were all against each other, then your buddy got killed, so you're suddenly friends. Hulk: Pffh! Someone dieé Iron Man: Uh.yeah, you kinda missed out on that part.

Black Widow Interrogation Scene The Avengers 2012 4K ULTRA HD

This is not how I wanted this evening to go. I know how you wanted this evening to go. Believe me this is better. Who are you working foré Lermentov, yesé Does he think we have to go through him

to move our cargoé I thought General Solohobis in charge of the export business. Solohob a bagman, a front. Your outdated information betrays you. The famous Black Widow and she turns out to besimply another pretty face. You really think I'm prettyé

Tell Lermentov we don't need him to move the tanks. Tell him he is out. Well. .you may have to write it down. It's for her. You listen carefully Oh my gosh.

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