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August 13 2013 End Of The World

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Daily Press Briefing August 13 2013

MS. HARF: Good afternoon. Welcome to the dailybriefing, everyone. I do not have anything at the top. QUESTION: Okay. MS. HARF: Happy to answer your questions. QUESTION: So, unfortunately, we have to goback to the Middle East because this morning the Israelis announced that they were goingto construct 900 or so new homes in East Jerusalem. I'm wondering what your response to that is,particularly given the Secretary's comments yesterday about the illegitimacy of continuedsettlements. Is it maybe you'd better make

your position a little bit more clear to theIsraelis. MS. HARF: Well, I'm glad that you referencedthe Secretary's comments. He did speak about this yesterday and he did a few things. Hemade clear what our position is on continued settlement activity. He also underscored andI think this is really the important point that there's a reason we want both sidesat the table, because that's the best place and the best forum and the best way to addresssticky issues, to address these kinds of topics, and that's why we're so engaged in this process.But our position, broadly speaking, on settlements has not changed.

QUESTION: I understand that, but this is nottechnically a settlement. MS. HARF: Correct. QUESTION: This is in East Jerusalem. MS. HARF: If it's in East Jerusalem, correct. QUESTION: So what's your reaction to thisé MS. HARF: Well, I don't have a reaction tothat specific announcement. I'll take a closer look at it and get you a specific reactionto that if I have one. Again, the Secretary spoke a little bit about this yesterday, butI'm happy to get you anything.

QUESTION: You are aware of it, though. MS. HARF: I am. Yes. I just don't have a reactionto that particular announcement. QUESTION: Since the peace talks began hereback on the 30th, the Israelis this is just the latest move in this direction on August4th they expanded subsidies to West Bank settlements; on August 8th they announced another thousandnew apartments in the West Bank; on August 11th the Housing Minister announced what youtalked about yesterday, 1,187 West Bank apartments and 800 East Jerusalem, and then today 900new apartments in East Jerusalem. The Palestinians meanwhile don't seem to havedone anything except kind of sucked it up

on this, and I'm just wondering if you view is this evidence of Israel's good faith what you talked about yesterday when yousaid both sides were at the table in good faithé MS. HARF: Well, we still believe that, Matt,that both sides are at the negotiating table in good faith here, because they believe inthe importance of the peace process. They believe that the most important way to eventuallysettle these issues is through a negotiated final status agreement. So Ambassador Indyk is still in the region.As you know, we're going to have another round

of talks, I believe, tomorrow. And all ofthese issues are going to be discussed throughout this process; it's exactly why we're there.But we do believe that both parties are at the negotiating table, the negotiating teamsare there talking to us and talking to each other in good faith. QUESTION: Do you believe does it botheryou that the Israelis are doing exactly the opposite of what you would like them to doé MS. HARF: Well, those are your words. Thosearen't mine. QUESTION: Well, what is it when you tell themnot to do something and they do ité

13th August 2013 ValveTime Weekly News RoundUp

Hi, and welcome to the ValveTime news. Each week, we'll bring you the biggest talkingpoints regarding Valve and the community. Now, the news: As part of the celebrations for the Dota 2 International 3 tournament, the development team invited members ofthe Dota 2 subreddit down to Valve for a tour. During the tour, Dota 2 subreddit founder ReaverXaitook a number of photographs of the Valve offices, including new merchandise, planning documents forthe tournament venue, and the Dota 2 work stations. One particular photo, however, shows the computermonitor of Valve developer Daniel Jennings

which features an update changelog on an internal network. The changelog includes updates for Dota 2, Steam,game websites, and, most interestingly, Source 2. The list, which is currently being shown,features a total of 11 changes for Source 2 from a 23 hour period on Monday afternoon. A number of these changes feature clearreferences to the development of Left 4 Dead 3, including updates regarding devtestlevels uploaded by developer Ted Carson. Several of the references are currently being shown on screen, and while there isn't anything necessarilyrevealing about this new information,

it does show us that Left 4 Dead 3 is most likelystill in the early alpha stages of development as it seems that the team are still relying on devtest levels, rather than actual ingame assets or environments. While this information isn't particularly important by itself, it does provide us with further confirmation for thedevelopment of Valve's upcoming Source 2 engine and the previously leaked Left 4 Dead 3, both of which were found on the internalJira project network several months ago. For those of you wondering about Valve's other titles,

the list also included 15 update references for Dota 2, 4 for Steam, over 17 for Valve's websites, and zero for an unknown 5th product, which does not appear to have been updatedin the time before the photograph was taken. And no, HalfLife 3 is unfortunately nowhere to be seen on the list, although we should remind you that this smallchangelog is hardly an accurate representation of everything currently being worked on at Valve, especially when you consider that thesechanges are from a short 3hour period shortly before the start of Valve's biggest tournament.

As always, we'll be sure to let you know if and whenwe hear more about Source 2, Left 4 Dead 3, or any of Valve's other currently unrevealed projects. Returning viewers may remember back in December 2012 when we reported on Valve's acquisitionof a small indie studio in San Francisco, known as Star Filled Studios, which was run by exPopCapand Blizzard employees Jeff Gates and Tod Semple. We have recently come to learn that Valve's smallSan Francisco office was closed late last month after a number of months experimentingwith concepts for casual games. After we broke the news, Tod spoketo IGN regarding the office closure,

confirming that he and Jeff are quot;working on indie games again,quot; and that they had been quot;working forValve in a remote office in San Mateo.quot; quot;It turned out that there weren't manybenefits for either side in that arrangement.quot; While studio closures are never good newsfor the industry, Tod also confirmed to IGN that he has returned to making indie games with Jeffin their recently founded Temple Gates Games studio, which is located in the old office building, as Valve have provided them withthe studio location following the closure. Tod's quote also notes that he and Jeffare continuing to work on a game

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