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At The End Of The World Frank Black

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Frank Matthews documentary full movie HD Al Profit

{QTtext}{font:Arial}{justify:center}{size:14}{timeScale:100}{width:368}{height:40}{backColor:0,0, 0} Frank had more money than the Mob 00:00:06.87Matthews was the number 1 00:00:09.59He would have ruled the United States 00:00:11.45He's literally fallen off the face of the earth00:00:13.32 A lot of people looked up to Frank, for probablyall the wrong reasons. 00:00:19.25In my opinion, Frank Matthews was a much larger

drugdealer than Frank Lucas.00:00:29.43 In 1971, Frank Matthews first came on thepolice radar, but only by luck. 00:00:33.69It was rather peculiar. Got a report from some precinct, that there were some unusualgoingson in an apartment building in Brooklyn. 00:00:47.07was going on, and Kowalski comes along 00:00:50.92He was living in 130 Clarkson Avenue, in Brooklyn, which incredibly, as you imagine this wasthe same buildingapartment buildingthat Frank Matthews was living in00:00:59.24

Well this guy was complaining that all theparking spaces around his house on the weekends are all taken up by outofstate cars, allgoing in to one apartment. 00:01:03.24And he started doing some investigating 00:01:11.23And he saw a lot of these guys were big time drug dealers, that had charges against themor being investigated, coming from all over the east coast, and from the midwest.00:01:21.43 And this was in about 1970 that it began.00:01:24.70 About 18 months or so later, he presentedit to his superiors.

00:01:30.18And that's when the investigation began. 00:01:33.49Special Agent Gerard Miller and Detective Roger Garay came to our office to break somebread with us and talk about a case they had called The Frank Matthews Case.00:01:37.49 Once they got the wire taps up on Matthews'phones, the feds quickly realized just how big of a fish they had caught in their net.00:01:51.48 They had a wire tap going, and I heard enoughto know that we're not dealing here with an ordinary Brooklynbased drug operation.00:01:59.68

It's very huge00:02:01.70 Nobody knew about this! I mean, you know,he was developing his network. He wasn't even on the radar.00:02:08.42 They had no investigation going, he was makingmillions of dollars a year, and if it wasn't for one cop, named Joe Kowalski, the investigationmight not have started for another ten years. 00:02:21.10DEA quickly realized that Matthews was setting up hundredkilo deals down in Venezuela withthe French Connection, which would've made him one of the biggest heroin dealers in thecountry already at that point.

00:02:30.06We got calls with unbelievable people, of which I won't discuss.00:02:35.23 The DEA office in Greensborough that I workedvery closely with at the time got a phone call from a pharmacist, I believed, in Rocksborough,North Carolina, reported to them that a black male wanted to purchase, I think, a 55 galondrum of mannitol, which is a cutting agent. 00:02:53.01That's when his name first came to my attention. 00:02:57.15So a federal team was formed, consisting of DEA, IRS, and federal prosecutors, to go afterMatthews.

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