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April 7 2014 End Of The World

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BBC Asteroid Impact Simulation End Of The World Predictions

A huge asteroid with a diameter of 500 Kilometer is going to impact on Earth! Destination: Pacific Ocean. The asteroid impact peels 10 kilometers crust off the surface of Earth. The resulting shockwave travels at hypersonic speed. The debris from the impact is blasted to the lower orbit of Earth, and they returns to destroy everything on the planet. The firestorm created by the asteroid impact encircles the Earth,

vaporizing everything in our world. Within 24 hours of asteroid impact, the entire Earth will be uninhabitable. The researchers have found that this scenario has happened 6 times in Earth's history.

Thom Hartmann on Science and Green News April 7 2014

in Thom Hartmann here on the best in therestive science and green news you need to know this last week theIntergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued their impacts adaptation andvulnerability report all the predictions in that report mightseem dire the truth is that their warnings were actually quite small seed conservative report says that climatechange has

already lead heat waves droughts floodsand other extreme weather at those events have caused rapidincreases in food prices and influence global conflict else is isthat these issues are on track to get worse even if we only see moderate increasesin global temperatures a previous IPCC report warns thataverage temperatures could rise by at least four degrees Celsius by the end ofthe century if we don't take immediate action onclimate change it this latest report

which predicts the quote breakdown of food systems andincreased risk of violent conflict end quote only considers 82 degree risein temperatures essentially the scientists didn't eventry to project what the future would look like we continue it business as usual dangersthis report talks about maybe our best case scenario in our current policieshave us adding down a path to a much scarier future asthe British Medical Journal explain

the IPCC's new report should leave theworld in no doubt about the scale and immediacy threat tohuman survival health and well be no matter what ourfuture will be definite difficult because the decisions of our past we must act now we want a chance tosurvive for the first time ever our lawmakers are calling on theenvironmental protection agency to investigate water contamination fromfracking eight members of Congress and signed aletter to EPA administrator Gina

McCarthy asking her to restart investigations inParker County Texas Demick Pennsylvania and PavillionWyoming address the water contamination at those communities have experiencedbecause it natural gas drilling years ago the EPA started to investigatepolluted drinking water in those areas but the agency withdrew beforefinalizing the results of the investigation in their letter to administratorMcCarthy these congressmen ass that when

the EPA left the people in thosecommunities were left with nothing but polluted water and littleexplanation ray Kemble one of the affected residents and Pennsylvania said europeans are crack in their own countryShell gas because they're worried about its environmental and health impacts their right to worry I haven't had cleandrinking water for years for four years in studio oil and gasdrilling hopefully these congressmen can push the EPA to restart theinvestigations and protect all

KTR The Seige of Sarajevo April 7 2014 Appel Salon

Tina Srebotnjak: So, I'm going to turn thingsover now to our host for the evening. Carol Off, of course, is the host of everyone'sfavourite radio show. What's it calledé quot;As It Happens!quot; On Radio 1 on CBC. She, of course,has also worked as a television reporter and documentary maker for many years, during whichtime she covered the Bosnian War. She is the author of the bestselling book quot;The Lion,the Fox and the Eagle: A Story of Generals and Justice in Yugoslavia and Rwandaquot;, andanother national bestseller on the war in Croatia, quot;The Ghosts of Medak Pocket: TheStory of Canada's Secret Civil Warquot;. Who better to conduct this panel than Carol Offé

applause Carol Off: Thank you. CO: Hello, good evening. Wow, this is an amazingcrowd, and it's very. I shouldn't say it's enlightening and cheering to see people turnedout to discuss war, that doesn't make sense, righté But it is, I think, testimony to thethings that are going on right now, and the vital current affairs, and we're going todiscuss some of those tonight. But first of all, I'm going to introduce the panel. AndI'm going to start, actually, with the guy on the far left. Paul Heinbecker. I firstlearned about Paul Heinbecker when I was trying

to find out why Brian Mulroney's foreign policywas among the most forwardthinking and advanced of any of his time. And that seemed perplexingto me for some reason. laughter 0:01:43 CO: Until I learned that Paul Heinbeckerwas Brian Mulroney's foreign policy. He's the brains behind it, the ideas behind it,the speechwriter behind it. He went on from there, he was our ambassador to Germany duringthe Bosnian War, a very crucial and difficult time to be in that position and I'm thinkinghe's gonna speak to some of that tonight. He was also, among many other things, theUN Ambassador, our ambassador to the United

Nations when we were on the Security Council.You recall that that was at one time possible. And he did something absolutely remarkable.He was part of the Canadian Government team that was able to establish something calledResponsibility to Protect, and we cannot underestimate the power and the effect of that. He is nowthe Director of the Centre for Global Relations at Wilfrid Laurier University, and he's alsoat the Centre for International Governance and Innovation. This is Paul Heinbecker. applause CO: Next to him, Janice Stein. When she cameto give analysis in the CBC, the National,

when I first met her, it was during some very,very big stories. We were dealing with the war in Iraq, we were dealing with Afghanistan.I was there at the National at that time as a reporter. There were entire episodes ofthe National, an hourlong show, where a woman did not appear. It was extraordinary. It wasvery alarming to many of us, including, luckily and happily, the programmers at CBC. Theywere so relieved to find Janice, a woman, that they could put there. And then, but ina very short order, she was outshining everybody else on analysis and understanding of thesewars. And from, I have to say, a woman's perspective, it's not an entirely. It's not a girl thingI'm talking about here, I think a lot of you

understand what I'm saying, she brought aninsight to those events that was absolutely just awesome. And she actually, in the end,cleaned all their clocks. I mean, she was great. laughter applause CO: And she's gone on to become one of themost important voices of politics, domestic and international. She's Belzberg Professorof Conflict Management, and director of the Munk School of Global Affairs at Universityof Toronto, warm welcome for Janice Stein,

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