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BREXIT in Bible Prophecy Babylon Exits the Beast

Welcome to Revelation Unraveled, I'm your host, William Tapley, also known as the Third Eagle of the Apocalypse and theCoProphet of these End Times. The news this morning is all about BREXIT, that is, Britain exiting the European Union and that's all that ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, Fox, CNN and all the rest are talking about. But, of course, all you'llget from them is Satan's viewpoint and he wants to hide the truth; he wants to obfuscate the news. He doesnot want to tell you what is really going on. In order to know what's reallygoing on you have to understand Bible

prophecy and you my subscribers do understand and I got a veryinteresting note this morning from Victor U. I want to read this for youbecause he doesn't need the alphabet networks to know what's going on in theworld today. He knows BREXIT ahead of time! quot;Greetings Mr. Tapley; is the BREXIT significantéquot; Absolutely, Victor, you are correct. quot;I remember you said the US, Britain andRussia will be destroyed in World War 3. What I couldn't understand was Britaingetting destroyed.

I thought, since they're in the European Union, surely their allies will rise up and protect them. With Britain leaving the EU, does that set the stage for all thiséquot; I believe you are right and even theBritish Prime Minister, David Cameron, says that BREXIT will mean world warthree and, I'm not sure he knows Bible prophecy, but he is correct. I assume the rest of Europe will bereluctant to join a war to protect a nonmember state and the vote to leavewas confirmed on 623. 23 signifies the Beastquot;. Very good, Victor!

quot;God bless and have a good day, sir.quot; Ok,Victor, let's take a look at this from the perspective of Bible prophecy. As yousay, first of all, 23 is a number of the Antichrist. 2 before 3 or over 3 signifies man over God and it yields thefraction .666. So we know, that is significant. Mostpeople haven't a clue as to the Whore of Babylon or the Scarlet Beast: who do theyrepresenté Now, the false Protestant prophets willtell you that anything bad in the Bible represents the Roman Catholic Church.That is their whole hermeneutical system.

Of course, that is nonsense and they leadan awful lot of people astray which is exactly Satan's goal. Now, the Whore of Babylon represents Britain and America. That is the reason for BREXIT. Britain had to get out of the EU becausethe EU represents the ten horns on the Scarlet Beast and Babylon andthe Beast are continually at odds with each other, very much like in Daniel, thestruggle between the Ram and the Goat; they signify the same thing. The two horns on the Ram, they signifyBritain and America:

one is smaller and older than the other, that's Britain, one is taller and newer,that's the United States. The single horn on the Goat, that represents Russia. Andthe Scarlet Beast and the Goat will defeat the Whore of Babylon and the Ram. And I've explained this many, many times on here for more than eight years and ifyou want to understand Bible prophecy then you also know how to defeat the OneWorld Communist Tyranny which is the same as the feet of iron and tin on theStatue of Nebuchadnezzar. And don't forget, the Seven Hills that the Whore ofBabylon sits on, those hills belong to

Rise Of The Illuminati The Coming Apocalypse with Hagmann and Hagmann

Welcome to the coming apocalypse.Evangelist and pastor Paul Begley will take you on a journey into the end timesprophecy, the old salmon, current world events and explain how they relate tothe end times. For decades pastor Begley has provided people all over the worldwith an understanding of today's world events from a biblical perspective. Now here's your host pastor Paul Begley Welcome, welcome to the coming apocalypse I'm pastor Paul Begley, we got an awesomestudio audience with us today live and I

hope you are prepared for some powerfulinformation that we're bringing back today Doug and Joe Hagmann. It's going to be awonderful program, the Illuminati will be our focus but Jesus is the answer. Alright and so it will be a powerfulProgram, matter of fact as you're preparing as you begin to think aboutall the things you learned from last week's broadcast, understand that theinterlockings of the rise of the beast, the biblical beast in Revelation 13.1,is you can see the pieces coming together right now, quickly.

I never thought I would see it even inmy lifetime. It's not only I am seeing it, it's here. and folks you need tounderstand Jesus Christ, He's coming. we don't know the day, we don't know thehour, but we know He's coming soon, so tell somebody to turn the television onright now because this is the coming Apocalypse. I'll be right back in just amoment. Folks let me tell you something I have a book I really recommend youshould get, you go to my website at paulbegleyprophecy have a bookentitled ‘The zombie apocalypse' now it has to do with actual 35 actual accountsof demonic possession and manifestations

that is very troubling but will help youunderstand how demon spirits actually work in these last days. I highlyrecommend you get it also for your teens and college students to help explain tothem the pitfalls, to not fall into these sorcery or witchcraft séances, Ouijaboards or some tutorial games that can alter the mind and the soul of yourchild. Again, this book it's only at my website at paulbegleyprophecy there you'll find it on the products Page. it would be a blessing to You, insightful and you'll bless theministry

oh yes this is the coming apocalypse Iwant to introduce to you Doug and Joe Hagmann there from the‘Hagmann Hagmann report' and they have the number one listened to blog talk radioshow in all of the internet I think it's powerful to note that theseinvestigators have been involved in a extensively in research of the currentworld events, particularly as the rise of the Illuminati, the spirit of Darknessguys has certainly begin to show its ugly face and it's not hiding in theshadows no more that you know the Bible says that there would be a spiritualwickedness in high places

it seems as if now it is showing itselfproudly. I got a word from the Lord about three years ago that the Illuminatiwould become bolder and bolder. We've seeing it at the halftime show of superbowls we see it in the in the at the Grammy's there's literally this tunnelthat was built in Europe demonic worship in your face Christians in your face Matter of fact that's it's not the firsttime we've ever heard of this George Washington in 1798 after serving twoterms as president of the united states he acknowledges in his writings that theIlluminati activity has come to America:

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