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22 December 2012 Cid

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ENGSUBBehind scenes of Miracle in December of EXO

This year's album EXO! Exo is the hottest Idol of the year Who reached the top after having a comeback on June They also released quot;Miracles of Decemberquot; recently, reaching the top again Exo was first placed on every music site They got a million views on the music tutorial at the first day when it was released Different from the powerful concept they had, they were back with a new concept

The success of Exo natually draw attention to the first stage of 'Miracles of December' We met three members at the rehersal They look extra nervous then usual What is the song we are going to singé The 'Miracles of December' What kind of song is ité1400:01:02 gt;00:01:06It is a very emotional pop ballad It's about a guy missing his exgirlfriend Keep in mind to look careful at the lyrics The rehersal started

It looks so awkward without the rest of the members The others are rooting for us And the others will do the show business with us too so wait with a big expectation It's a secret though Yeah it's a secret on how the members' composition is going to be D.O, Baek Hyun and Chen is performing the first stage of the 'Miracles of December' Nothing was lacking even though there were only three members Compliments didn't stop after the show It is the song to round up 2013

And now we will show you the shooting of the music tutorial and the album 2700:02:02 gt; 00:02:09We could feel the christmas spirit in the music tutorial and see the members making the chritmas tree 2800:02:10 gt; 00:02: 14'Miracles of December' is like a present from Santa How did they make these beautiful scenesé Wide will open up the behind scene of Exo! We are shooting with a bowl style hair and with lots of blusher on to express the christmas spirit Shooting with a same look, but different style Exo always had been issued with their unique style But today they suprised the fans by showing a sweet image Every member is letting their charm out

Especially Baek Hyun The others posed infront of their camera with dancing Especially Suho's dance is so lively It is our first time to try of this conept. It is really cool to see all members where the same things Yeah it's really fun The music tutorial studio is a bit different from the album shooting Everyone seems to be very focused on their role Someone might think Chris s shooting a movie

My role is an artist this time The fans do know I'm a good artist. I'm the Picasso of Exo In fact he usually does enjoys drawing But this is just for today Meanwhile Kai met a very cute partner He isn't taking his eyes off from the dog Oh my god.His such a beautiful angel Kai actually fell in love with the dog

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