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2013 End Of The World Predictions

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Game Theory Tutorial Games Predict YOUR FUTURE

Tutorial games have predicted your future;you won't like it. So the theme song is playing. Pretty neat. Borrowed that from the Xbox NotSponsored Look at the ittybity Mario running :3 so cute! I can't be the only one that thinks that. Can Ié Okay fine I get it you don't want to hear from me you just want to watch your favorite YouTuber ;( fine I'll leave.

*Door Slams as that guy you didn't want to hear from leaves* Hello, Internet. Welcome to Game Theory. Rearrange the letters in our name and you get: GyraTe me ho. Think about that for a minute. And think about this: Tutorialgames are fascinating! Bait

With your help, this show is alreadyunited practically every gaming universe, into one shared canon. But today,I wanted to approach the topic from a different angle. If we were to create a timeline of every single game based on when its story takes place,which one would be set furthest in the futureé You'll find out the answer here in a few minutes, but what I stumbled acrosswhile doing this little exercise was even more fascinating.

You see, by lining up the games,patterns started to develop. And in this case, tutorial gamesfrom entirely different franchises all seem to predict the same things happeningat about the same time in the future. In short, the tutorial game industry through their shared predictions has unintentionally created a sort ofquot;Gamer's Mayan Calendarquot;, that provides a disturbingly clear prediction of whatwill happen to you, to Earth, and to life as we know it in just a couple short centuries. Consider this a Spoiler Alert:

For Your Life! Before we get into any fortunetelling, let mepoint out that tutorial games predicting the future is nothing new. Look at Smash TV! I I said Smash. Set the year 1999, but released in 1990,this insane runandgun arcade game successfully predicted the rise of reality television, a decade before Survivor's Richard Hatch everquot;bore it allquot; in Borneo. Now if only Mutoid Man was selected tohand out roses as the next Bacheloré

Now THAT would be some mustsee TV! Other Accurate Games: Before they became solid, the early 90's had Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake predicting a fuel producing algae able to replace gasoline. Sure enough, in 2012, algae fuel started to roll out at four gas stations in San Francisco. But the most accurate example,is also the most unsettling; as Deus Ex predicted the 911 attacksa year before they happened.

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