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2012 Server End Of Life

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Windows Server 2003 End of Life Are You Ready

thank you for joining us today for this webinar on Windows Server 2003 end of life; am I ready to move on this will be a brief webinar geared towards helpingyou understand the importance in migrating from Windows Server 2003 a soon to be end of life operating system. certainly some of you may be joining us because you plan or planning to move away from windows server 2003 but

are you ready to move oné this is aquestion to some of you may have brought up internally about your IT infrastructure. We will discuss this in more detail as we move through this webinar. my name is Marco Romero account manager and customer advocate at mindSHIFT technologies core desktop team in the New York City office I have been with mindSHIFT for nearly 3 years

having previously worked as an ITmanager. my professional background consists of over 13 years in information technologyproject and customer relationship management while working with small to mediumsize businessesof different industries. Learning different business processes from each of those industry has allowed me to understand IT operations better I'm also very grateful to be part ofon of the top

and leading managed service for providerin the world which is ranked in the top five by MSPmentor 2014 so let's get started by reviewing are 5 items for today'sagenda they are the negative impact that Windows Server2003 will bring to your IT infrastructure and organization added cost to maintainWindows Server 2003 while in the end of life status

advantages of migrating to a moredynamic Windows 2008 2012 operating systems and a goforward plan and server deployment to cloud or a local environment. Thissession we will focus on the financial impactand added cause of pain on Windows Server 2003 versus upgrading your infrastructure to a more advanced and dynamic Windows environment such as our mindshift cloudshift server for hosted virtual servers

and our Veeam cloud product for backing up your on premise virtual servers. We will also cover the financial impact of legacy systems such as Windows Server 2003 what have while it's in and life will also discuss a little bit on what to expect when you remain onWindows Server 2003 and great benefits migrating to add newer server environmentfor your organization Ask yourselves, am I ready to migrate

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