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2012 Sec Football Predictions

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College Football Picks 2012 Louisana Rajun Cajuns Joey Cassano

College Football Picks 2012 Louisiana Ragin Cajuns0:00:01.849,0:00:06.370Joey Cassano right here to join us at thewinningwagers 0:00:06.370,0:00:13.209Only 13 returning starters coming back from last years 94 team0:00:13.209,0:00:17.050BUT 9 of those 13 starters our on the offensive side of the ball0:00:17.050,0:00:18.359Last year this team averaged 32 points a game0:00:18.359,0:00:23.919And with 9 coming back from a year ago I like this number to go up even more0:00:23.919,0:00:25.259They have SR Qb Blaine Gautier returning this year after an awesome year last year0:00:25.259,0:00:28.609Completing 62% of his passes for almost 3000 yards, 23 TDS, and only 6 INTS0:00:28.609,0:00:32.360He can also tuck and run with as he put up over 480 yards on the ground.0:00:32.360,0:00:34.190Love him quarterbacking this offense as they will easily and successfully score and put up some numbers.0:00:34.190,0:00:38.710i get mad starts coming back on offensearts what last year the easily put up0:00:38.710,0:00:42.780Carrying the rock will be Alonzo Harris ( 6'1 205 ) after an exceptional year last year carrying0:00:42.780,0:00:46.220they're working against a tax for a lot of points they have seen your0:00:46.220,0:00:48.570it for 700 yards and averaged 4.8 yards a carry.0:00:48.570,0:00:50.060Also have a stud back up in Q. Griffin0:00:50.060,0:00:51.720College Football Picks 2012 partner that can also monster up some serious yards0:00:56.040,0:00:59.64They also will have their best receivers from last year coming back as Senior0:00:59.640,0:01:01.759touchdowns analyst six x0:01:01.759,0:01:04.190Harry Peoples ( 58 receptions 697 yards ) and Javone Lawson ( 63 receptions for over 1000 yards )0:01:04.190,0:01:08.740question ramps and regards efforts aremust College Football Picks Louisana Ragin Cajuns0:01:11.740,0:01:15.770should you have is a little bit over four yards carey yet to be targets0:01:15.770,0:01:17.369coming back Also the OLine. They bring back all starters from last year except their LG0:01:21.920,0:01:24.970to get hearing peoples came in for over0:01:24.970,0:01:28.790They have some real size on this line 3 starters over0:01:28.790,0:01:32.130you're going to get one two three0:01:32.130,0:01:36.570300 pounds and 3 of the 5 six foot five or taller. 0:01:36.570,0:01:'.130College Football Picks 2012 some real side the market bets expert picks0:01:'.130,0:01:43.600six one three oh five six three three twenty four six five to six 0:01:43.600,0:01:48.690at six seven three thirty six five two nine six four at five in all started last year i like this offense they were easily able to protect the quarterback and push for the running back However, to me the most important part of any defense is the line0:01:59.369,0:02:03.'9Louisana has some SEC transfers starting this year with:0:02:03.'9,0:02:07.909against this spread they gotta find defense issues i guess it'll get loaded0:02:07.909,0:02:14.700Jalen Fields from Georgia, Delvin Jones from Mississippi, and bring back Cordian Hagans from LSU.0:02:14.700,0:02:17.479College Football Picks 2012 defense your defense line as trusted0:02:17.479,0:02:21.369depressed right in the guest s_e_c_transfers unless they got back from0:02:21.369,0:02:26.409georgia mississippi and l_s_u_ andeverything gets real sizes real talent so they all say helping that's a big buthey you know you know they are

accommodated cages for reason down overthe web site that's the only way to step outside of the So with all that being said I like these Rajun Cajuns0:02:38.369,0:02:42.449and see them putting up better numbers than last year0:02:42.449,0:02:46.909email inbox i'll promise you will not regret it might join aside from the0:02:46.909,0:02:50.829SEC College football thewinningwagers Expert Handicappers College Football Picks.

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