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2012 Phenomenon

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The Amazing Story of The Kony 2012 Phenomenon

Introducing: The Amazing Story Of The Kony2012 Phenomenon, the must have book of 2012 and the one to read right now during the Kony2012 frenzy! Kony 2012 has taken the world by storm. Over 100 million people watched the firstKony 2012 tutorial in a mere 6 days, making it the most viral tutorial EVER in history. Everyone is talking about it. Everyone is intrigued by it. It's a real phenomenon.

With such massive interest, you want to be“in the know� on Kony 2012. And you want to be in the “real know�. That's exactlywhat this book does for you. ALL the important facts, controversies, andthings everyone wants (and definitely needs) to know are conveniently compiled for youin this one “tellall� book. It's entertaining, emotional, and enthralling. It's clarifying, illuminating, and fullof surprises. And it leaves you saying: “WOW, what a REMARKABLEstory Kony 2012 is.� Here is a sneakpeak into what this ‘tellall'book covers:

The Story Of Joseph Kony: The beginnings of Kony: How a churchgoingalter boy began leading children in formations of a cross, sprinkling holy water as theyraped, mutilated and murdered. Kony's ‘accomplishments': 88 wives,104,000 children kidnapped, and more shocking facts and figures that will rattle the mindsof everyone that hears them. Dozens of heartwrenching and chilling storiesfrom children lucky to survive Kony. The Story Of The Invisible Children Charity: How three college students in 2003 boughta tutorial camera on eBay, without the slightest

idea of what they were going to do, otherthan go to Africa to make a film. How Invisible Children began with a $70,000loan to taking in $46,315,978 in six years. What Invisible Children is doing, and howit's spending our donations to fight Kony. The Story Of The Kony 2012 Tutorial: How the Kony 2012 tutorial exploded to 100 millionviral views in just 6 days. What was planned before the tutorial's release, what happenedthe first week, and the aftermath. The various reactions it caused: A mobilizingof youth, uproar in Uganda, huge support by celebrities, backlash by major public officials.Why such differenceé

The bigger picture: What can we learn fromKony 2012 to creative massive changeé And, It Includes: A full accounting of the successes. thefailures. and the lessons of Kony 2012. The truths. the controversies. and thescandals. There's a lot that will rouse you up, a lot that will alleviate you, anda lot that will leave you with ‘Oh my gosh!'. Revealing information from President Museveniof Uganda, The U.S. Government, and a few ‘secret organizations'. Thoughts and insights from big celebritieswith power, connections, and reach.

A look into: What does the future holdé And there's more in this book that we don'twant to reveal here now, because we'd rather surprise you with it! After all, that'sa big part of what makes a book exciting. So go ahead, order a copy of The Amazing StoryOf The Kony 2012 Phenomenon. Right now is a great time, and it's actuallythe best time, during the year of the Kony 2012 frenzy. The book is now conveniently available atparticipating booksellers and Amazon. Kony2012Phenomenon

2012 End of the World

Hey, guys. Sorry I haven't posted a tutorial in a while, but as you can see, I'm in Hawaii again and boy, have I been having a ball. This used to be bigger. Anyway, I'm back and I just wanted to say welcome to the new year, 2012! Dun, dun, dun Anyway, it's finally 2012 and.

(Sean) Dun, dun, dun And I just wanted to say I'm really looking forward to the new year. I feel like I haven't been posting enough tutorials lately, but thanks to 2012 Dun, dun, dun You doneé Yeah. What are you doingé

You know, like in the movies, when something bad is about to happen, it goes, quot;dun, dun, dun.quot; Uh. whaté Hello, it's 2012. The world is gonna end. Um, no it's not. Uh, yes it is. The Mayans said so. Do you even know a Mayané

No. Do you even know what a Mayan isé Some type of ca I am sick of people saying that 2012 is the end of the world. And to specifically the people that say, drawling: quot;Well, the Mayans said so. That's how they talk, like this.quot; you probably don't even know a Mayan and, even if you did, they're not psychics.

They made a calendar. I could do that. My theory is this: people that say the world is ending are either depressed because they want the world to end, really gullible and believe everything they hear and read on Google, or just a prick because they want to scare people into buying useless things for the end of the world. (Ryan as announcer) Tired of falling down from earthquakesé

Earthquake! Those pesky meteors keeping you up at nighté Meteor! Aren't you sick of those elflooking Lord of the Ring Hobbitsé Hobbits! Well, look no fur Thanks to the 2012 Safety Rock, all of your endoftheworld problems will be solved.

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