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Travel Tips And Advice

A List of Travel Tips to Make Your Vacation Planning Easier

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♪♪♪ NUSRAT FATEH ALI KHAN'S quot;AFREENAFREENquot; PLAYING OVER RADIO CAR HORN HONKING Hey, hey, watch out.Watch out. Welcome, my friend. Great to see you. Yeah, glad you made it. This can't be Ajit.He's a little man already.

Unbelievable. I hope you're hungry, Adrian. I'm famished.How are you, Aparnaé I made that fish curry you love. ADRIAN: I can't wait. She gets more beautiful everytime I see her. Why is thaté Strange, isn't ité But herfish curry is still awful. ADRIAN CHUCKLES

ADRIAN:You were mysteriouson the phone. Why didn't you attendthe conferenceé SATNAM:I will show you, Adrian, sir. ADRIAN:Satnam, stop quot;siringquot; me. METAL SQUEAKING How deep do we need to goé Eleven thousand feet. I searched all over Indiafor this thing.

Used to be the deepestcopper mine in the world. Remember my brother, GurdeepéHe's a student now. Namaste, Helmsley, sir. Adrian. It's just Adrian. SPEAKING IN HINDI Just don'tpour too much, huhé How do you work in this heaté You've come on a good day,my friend.

Sometimes itcan hit 120 degrees. You have to come and meet Lokesh, a Fellow of quantum physicsat the university in Chennai. Namaste. Helmsley. So, what are we looking até SATNAM:These are neutrinosacting normally. Minuscule mass, uh,no electrical charge.

They pass through ordinarymatter almost undisturbed. Your message saidthe count doubled after the last solar eruptions. That was last week. But this happened two days ago. The biggest Sun eruptionsin human history causing the highest neutrinocount we've ever recorded. My God.

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Mother. I've heard that. a beautiful worldexists beyond this village. Big cities, grand markets and. huge houses wheremovies can be seen. There's nothing of that sort.Now get down. Mother, you always break my dreams. Dreams are meant to be broken. Get down. No, I won't.

You won'té What if I make you fallé Tell me. You're my mother.You'll make me fallé If your mother makes you fall, shewill also help you to your feet. If you fall in the city,no one will help you to your feet. Get down. now! No, I won't. Get down. Mother.

Mother! Chini! Rehma's funda was simple and right. When He has blessed you withone life, why think twiceé Wherever he would step,path would be automatically made. Madras didn't know at that timethat storm was going to arrive. If you check history, you will findtwo things common. Men have ruled andwomen have created sensation. We barely get down to it.

and the bitch nextdoor is already on a roll! Forget about her, darling. Why don't you soothewhat's excited in hereé Get off! Get off! Now go to sleep.We aren't doing it anymore. Bloody idiots! They can't do anythingwithout making a sound.

Marbles, cricket.the choicest abuses. He even made me wear boy's clothes. If my father had his way. he would even make me tease girls! Didn't your mother ever stop himé She gave birth to agirl instead of a boy. so she remained a mute spectator. Amma, tell me something.

I have what boys desire. So, who is betteré Me or a boyé Stop talking nonsense.It's all rubbish! Now don't be so coy.You're no less. I can tell a lot of men havebeen hard at work over here. Stop it! Whaté

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