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2012 Apocalypse Game Online

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Game Theory Walking Dead Killing Zombies

The Walking Dead theme music plays Game Theory theme music plays Hello Internet, welcome to quot;Game Theoryquot; The only show that slaughters melons in the middle of the desert so that you can survive a zombie apocalypse. But before I get all OJ Simpson up in here let's take a minute to consider just how real the threat of an undead uprising

actually is. Meet quot;Toxoplasmosa Gondii.quot; This little guy can only breed in the intestines of cats so it infects the brains of rats, and then shuts down the rats' fear response making them approach a cat instead of running away. The rat gets eaten, toxoplasmosa reproduces, and proceeds to infect more rats.

(high pitched voice) quot;But MatPat, I'm not a rat,quot; (normal voice) you say. Well spotted loyal theorist. But you're not safe yet. Early studies have shown that those humans infected with toxoplasmosa tend to be more insecure and have minor brain damage resembling the effects of schizophrenia. And you know how in 'The Walking Dead' series everyone is already infectedé Well, hate to break it to you, but half of you watching

have toxoplasmosa swimming around inside you as we speak. So the hard truth is this: if you're looking for a zombie apocalypse, toxoplasmosa gondii may be your culprit. In other words, the zombie threat is closer and more real than you or I can imagine. And I don't know about you, but I want to be prepared, and that means figuring out what weapon is gonna protect me the best.

Thing is, I don't own a gun. Only fourtyseven percent of Americans do, and even if I did find one lying around on the street I wouldn't be able to pick one up and suddenly become Andy Oakley. So the question is, what do I useé I'm left with what I got: tools, uh, cutlery, maybe a little oil and gasolineé So which of these things is gonna protect me the best

from a toxoplasmosis outbreaké Let's find out. First, let's get two things straight. There's a lot of zombie lore out there, but to me The Walking Dead's makes the most sense. Kill the brain, kill the zombie. So we're looking for a weapon that'll be able to penetrate the head from a safe distance.

The Mayan Calendar 2012

Hello time travelers and anyother people living in the future: If you're watching this,it means that the Maya, as they often are, were right. And Hollywood, as italmost always is when it comes to science, was wrong. INTRO I'm talking, of course,about the Mayan calendar, and the winter solstice of 2012.

As you've noticed, Hollywoodshysters, along with some cable TV people and a goodnumber of pseudoscientist authors are trying to convincethe world that maybe it's all going to endon December 21, 2012. The earth is going to split in twoor the poles are going to shift or house cats are goingto rise up against us and make us poop in boxes of sand. And they're all feeling that waybecause of a particular significance

that a particular ancientcivilization put on that very date. And if you're watching thistutorial after December 21, 2012. Well, you may have tofeel a little bit embarrassed about getting allweewee'd up about it. Now I'm not saying thatDecember 21st, 2012 isn't an important date in theMayan calendar, it certainly is. Don't panic! I can personallyguarantee that the world is not going to end on December 21st, 2012.

And here is just oneof the reasons why. It's not even that I don't believethat the world is going to end, it's that the Maya didn't. The Maya had lots of differentways of measuring time. And one of them wasespecially for measuring very long periods of time. Because unlike you and me who can't remember lifebefore Tomb Raider Underworld

the Maya had a reallylong view of time. And they measured it using what'scalled the Long Count Calendar. So check this out. The Maya called a day a k'in. Twenty of these k'ins, twentydays, were called a winal. Eighteen winals, or 360 days,made a tun, or about a year. Twenty tuns were known asa k'atun, or about 20 years. And twenty k'atuns make a b'ak'tun,

which amounted to about 144,000days, or about '4.26 years. The Maya used this system tocount the number of days since what they calledquot;the last creation.quot; Yeah, I said the last creation. Because the Maya believed that we are currently livingin the fourth creation. The first three, the godsscrewed up or whatever and they wanted to start over.

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